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About the Cardigan

In the most troubled season of the year, the spotlight returned to light up on the menswear must-haves: the jerseys. Present in several models, the jerseys are the ideal ally to face unstable temperatures of autumn, shielding himself from the first cold, without sacrificing elegance and class. Indispensable for the contemporary male business must embrace the silhouette jerseys, wrapping it. Oversized or too tight measures must be avoided. If Basic and neutral shades are fine declined to anyone and also the most important physical rushes. In the male wardrobe can’t miss: cardigan, round neck and v-neck sweaters.

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Properly Combine Guide – T-Shirts

After you now know, what clothes as if you should sit, we deal today with an absolute basic, really every man should have in his wardrobe: the T-Shirt. I leave for times outside logo shirts and print shirts, because here the tastes are very different, and everyone should wear logos and prints that please him. I myself am absolutely anti logo shirts. A T-Shirt on the bold is the name of a specific brand has no style in my eyes, but how much money you have paid for your shirt is rather for those who want to let know all. Continue reading

How to Wear Cardigan

If we think of the cardigan come to mind those huge wool sweaters that for years we have seen wearing our grandparents or those old felted sweater that we insist on preserving and ripeschiamo every year in the winter to use them at home when relaxing or during cold times homemade weekend. But we should erase from our memory that we have this image cardigan because, although it seems anything but a leader fashionable, now it falls into the long list of must-pieces necessary to face the cold season. Continue reading

Ribbed Knit Cardigan Sweater

This knitting suitable for a girl of about 13 years, will help us to pack at best a sweater colorful ribbed and straight stockinette stitch. This work in irons is easy level and is an excellent exercise for those who are learning to confezionarsi clothes DIY. Required materials: 250 grams of color yarn of your choice, irons and # 5, # 6, # 5 and # 6 circular needle and finally wool needle tip 18 of rounded. Employees points: rib 3/3 (3 straight mesh, 3 purl in columns) and straight stockinette stitch. Made in stocking straight knit a sample of 13 mesh and 17 needles with 6 needles. Continue reading

Ladies’ Cardigan With v-Neck

Women’s cardigans with v-neck enjoying permanent popularity thanks to its elegance, slušivosti and convenience. V-neck creates under the central part of each character-under face-space, which allows a perfect tuning of the entire outfit (by combining the blouses, a sweater, and other accessories) and the vertical series of links creates a slimming line, which underlines the overall appearance.

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