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Canon EOS 5DS, Or How Put 50.6 Mpix In An SLR!

Available in two versions, the new Canon professional SLR brand spirits with its 50.6 Mpixel sensor.

50 megapixels: almost just cite this image (record!) definition to summarize the new gun case, the 5DS. A box-like everything there are more classical, but which allows gun to generously revive the war of megapixels. A long time Nikon dominated the segment of SLR cameras to high-definition with itsD800/D800E then D810 and their 36 Mpix, Canon stagnant at 22 Mpix with its5 d Mark III. But even if things are done, the red mark has hit hard and has more than doubled this definition to push this sensor full-frame 24 x 36 to 50.6 Mpix (let’s be precise).

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Panasonic Lumix SZ9 in the Test

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ9 is located in the area of compact all-rounder. Here, the competition is particularly high – what has the Lumix SZ9 what others have not?

A size of 97 x 57 x 21 and a weight of just 120 grams make the Panasonic Lumix SZ9 as a digital camera for the breast pocket. Such a case is held usually between index finger and thumb. The middle finger stabilizes the camera still front against tipping and it is already enough. In all these places, the Panasonic Lumix SZ9 is easy to grip, it lies between the fingers. Continue reading

Digital Camera The Zoom Argument

After the pixels, the digital camera makers try to zoom their new marketing argument. And to maintain high prices as well.

The madness of the pixels calms down a bit-a reflex more than 20 million pixels appear while a dozen just for everyday use – but the manufacturer’s attention now on the optical zoom (1). Intrinsically linked to the SLR cameras, analogue and digital, then he went to the conquest of their little brothers! On compact, we find today that grow up to 20 times,

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Galaxy S7 Edge Camera

The famous site DxOMark has released its comprehensive analysis of the camera by Galaxy S7 Edge, evaluating $ with a final score of 88, which is the highest ever awarded. Just a point of difference, 87, the former owners of the podium— Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Xperia Z5, closely followed by Galaxy 5 and S6 Edge to 86 points.

According to what emerged from the long discussion, which you can consult via this link,photos of Galaxy S7 Edge have been rewarded for excellence in ability to preserve detail in any light condition, good exposure and dynamic range both outdoors and indoors, a low level of background noise in all conditions, the speed and accuracy of the new autofocus and the excellent performance of flash that manages to offer a good white balance and offers a good preservation of the colours and detail even in the total absence of light sources. Among the negative aspects mentioned artifacts caused by Ringing effect, excessive presence of warm tones if the scene is lit by tungsten lights and the loss of detail in scenes where there is a high dynamism. Continue reading