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This Week’s Cape: Autumn Clothing

I don’t know how it’s been in other parts of Sweden, but in Stockholm was soon punctured to end summer this weekend. The fall came in the form of a omutbart rainy weather that put the final nails in the coffin of delicate shoes and holidays free of outerwear. This week’s Cape is then. Olof lifted a week agothe waxed jacket Excell and hit at the same time, a blow for Barbour. But the English are not the only ones with impregnated garments. For those who are not prepared to throw out nearly as much money as Barbour requests, Spanish Zara developed a wallet-friendly options. How well the Spaniards understand creating clothes adapted to the windswept North remains well to see, but the jacket is really nice and the price tag of about 1300 SEK is pretty f rlåtande. Continue reading

How to Wear: Leather Skirt

In the past post, Lays asked in the comments for us to talk some more about leather pieces. As I already posted here in JL How to Wear:Leather Jackets and Leather Short, today I will talk about the skirts, which Lia loves so much (do you remember her looks? This, this, this and this are my favorites!) And that are so interesting for this winter.I’ll post on leather pants too, but in the next post! Continue reading

The Boots You’ll Want This Winter!

The 43rd Edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week moves to biennial’s Ibirapuera with many new features – some not so much. That’s because what we perceive in the international fashion week last season are coming to market as a flash, such speed. What once took years to be absorbed into the national market now falls to the taste of the Brazilian fashionistas in a snap of fingers. And it’s exactly that speed that explains many brands now join the “see now buy now”.

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Female Country Boots: Learn How to Mount Looks

The country style is not ours but it entered Brazilian fashion with success in the 80’s. The original model began there in the United States in the 1920s with few variations until arriving in Brazil, when it was called sertanejo and gained a much more modern version And adapted to our climate. Even with several variants an article has remained high so far: the female country boot. Do not know how to use it? We teach how and indicate ideal models for your body type and style.

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Warm Leggings for Winter

Winter is the best season for all accessories where their goal is to keep you warm. It is also the best season to make overlays. When it snows, it is cold and that it must be warm, it is no better ways to do that by adding still more of pretty accessories her outfit (“less is more”, as saying). And if there is an accessory that perfectly illustrates the warm winter look and cozy, the leggings! Continue reading

Women’s Shoes: Stay Fashionable Sneakers or Pumps

“A Woman With Good Shoes Is Never Ugly.” The Fashion Changes, The Trend Swings, The Patterns And Seams Win New Tones, But The Thought Of French Fashion Designer Coco Chanel Continues At High In The Dictionary Any Fashionista Woman. The Gshow, Then Set Up A Manual For You To Make Beautiful Shoes On The Beach, At Work, In A Movie Theater Or In A Meeting.

Dudu Farias, the personal stylist to the stars, taught some tricks to make you feel with your own Cinderella glass slipper. A tip: If you do not already have a nice shoes or a shoe model pumps, can invest because the two never, ever, under any circumstances will occupy a small space in your closet. “With jeans, skirt or dress they will fall right,” Dudu. Continue reading

How Choose a Coat

The subject today is how to choose a coat, which is one of the fundamental of each female closet and above all for the winter where you must highlight a beautiful image. Therefore not all they have well and often do not know what is the most suitable according to your physical build, height, color of skin, hair, etc.

Then I’m going to give some tips so you can choose a suitable shelter, that is not so complicated and mostly so that you know what is the most appropriate for you. Continue reading