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Hits of Summer, Swimsuits and Bikinis

Summer is coming and a lot of people take at least one week off. And there, is already preparing the case or the wishlist for the summer? One trend stood out are the swimsuits and bikinis cropped (those who have longer ones on top). This summer has been shown to be more chic, less casual.Looks more thought, but still comfortable.

This summer comes with the stomach less to shows, mainly for the tuned. The combination of the bodys + short shorts jeans is the claimed right to that afternoon more cool. Already a long kaftan to an end this afternoon. Continue reading

New Year’s Eve: Looks with Swimsuits and Bikinis

New year’s Eve is a date of commemoration which makes it very common to Brazilian trip to the beaches and the coast. In fact, spend new year’s in a cool environment, with music, a lot of nature and the company of family members is very good. However, what many women are bothered is with clothes: what to wear to feel comfortable? How about a swimsuit?

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Summer Outfits with Denim Shorts

They are not only a fashion piece, but an essential item for summer. Jeans shorts are versatile and easy to pair, which make us withstand the high temperatures that are in Brazil. But for those who think this is a basic part, which only gives to be used together with flip flops and race are wrong, the jeans shorts allow many combinations, and serve various occasions.  Continue reading

Lands’ End: Zoom On Swimsuits

Summer is back for the enjoyment of all.This season marks the beginning of the weather, outings, and especially of the holiday. Be aware, however, that this season so much appreciated by good number of us revives a concern for many women. A concern that turns out to be a real torture for most of them, finding the right swimsuit. Yes, the swimsuit that will allow them to have a silhouette sublime on the beach, the one in which they feel comfortable and which will be both chic and trendy. Continue reading

Types of Maternity Underwear

Maternity leggings

You can be comfortable and look good by filling your wardrobe of all colors and in all styles maternity leggings. Choose soft tights in stretch fabric that place themselves under your beautiful belly and offer the most comfort, or choose stretchy leggings that go back over your belly for more warmth and comfort during the change of seasons. Leggings can be matched with elegant empire style blouses or high fluid of peasant style for a look that is flattering and avant-garde. Work at leisure, the flexible and tight leggings, and synthetic blends facts will allow your wardrobe to hold on until childbirth. Continue reading

How to Choose Right Size Bikini

Information for the size of the swimsuits for women

Here are a few helpful charts containing the sizes to help you choose the right size for your swimsuit.

How to measure:
Measure your waist and hips and compare them to the table of sizes below. If your size is between two, we suggest you select the largest size. Sizes XS – XL correspond to digital values in this table. To get the most accurate measurements, ask someone to take your measurements. Be sure to hold the tape measure straight and comfortable (not stiff, against your body)… Continue reading

Plus Size Swimwear Tankinis

There are many styles of two-piece swimsuits for plus size women to think about. A two-piece dress gives flexibility to enjoy a range of activities. Whether you are swimming for exercise or just looking for a dress for your vacation, you can see and feel on a two-piece swimsuit.

Tankinis to Sizes

A tankini is a two piece swimsuit that looks good on almost everyone. It gives the impression of a dress a bit, but it offers the ease and comfort of wearing two pieces. The top resembles a tank top, and can be found in a variety of styles. Tankini tops offer thin straps or wide straps, a variety of bra styles, and are available in colors and cuts to fit every body type. Some retailers can combine a tankini top and bottom of your choice. You can choose a traditional swimsuit bottom, swim shorts or swim skirt. With this kind of flexibility, you can definitely find a dress that fits your needs.

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Twin Set Swimwear and Beachwear

Twin Set introduces the news of his collection of swimwear for the ‘Summer 2015 and beachwear, a very diverse line where the label is inserted bikini swimsuits with matching sarongs, sun dresses and chic accessories. The brand adored by Italian fashion victim wanted a summer line full of glamorous creations in the most cool fantasies of the season, let’s give it a look in detail.

Figure out how to choose the right costume for every form is not always easy, why labels such as Twin Set think models for every need, bikini to triangle orwing for the more linear and physical models with cups and underwire for those who need more support.

The catalog Twin Online Set on the Threergroup – where you will find the online shop with prices of each model-is particularly rich in the field of bikini, as you can see by browsing the pictures of our photo gallery. Let’s talk about costumes two-piece with belt, one of the most popular trends this year, declined in uni versions, bicolor, in color block or printed motifs to suit all tastes.

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