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Patio Paulista Promotes Bike Ride

On September 14, Shopping Pátio Paulista will hold the second edition of Pedalando com o Pátio-a cycling tour that brings together history, fun and health. The course continues with approximately 20 kilometers in length, passing through emblematic points of São Paulo. This time, Vale do Anhangabaú, Praça da República, Sala São Paulo and Viaduto do Chá are the stopping points, where participants can take pictures and then share them in Shopping fanpage, showing the beauties of the city of São Paulo by the look Of the cyclist. A professional photographer will also follow the path, recording your sights and tour times. Continue reading

Launching of the Municipal Bicycle in Largo Da Batata

Event Takes Place On August 2 And 3 With Several Free Attractions For The Population

The Municipality of São Paulo, in partnership with Aromeiazero and Itaú, promotes the Bike Festival in Batata to inaugurate and launch the Municipal Bicicletário of Largo da Batata, region of Faria Lima, west of São Paulo. The conquest is the result of the mobilization of cyclo-activists who achieved more than 22 thousand signatures and alerted the public power to the need for more bicycle parking in the city. Continue reading

Bike Accessories for Cyclists

It is essential for every rider, regardless of the discipline he practices, to have a bike speedometer to read and analyze the data of its meetings and the field it negotiates. Counter bike accessories, however, are another significant aspect of the equipment of the cyclist, whether for cycling, the cyclosport or training. Let’s review the accessories dedicated to bike counters.

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How to Fix Bike Tyre Puncture


Mr Puncture is waiting around the corner. That cykelturs-destructive däckssjukan that drains the inner tube on the air and the cyclist on the ball of lust, when we least expect it get in your way. On a handful of seconds reduces a puncture yourself from a road-winning horse that cuts through the wind and chide road, to a standstill and sweaty bicycle racer who see their friends disappear into the horizon. Continue reading

Bike Is Well

When I incié this blog had in mind to deliver only tips, tricks, and techniques that allow us to move bike through the city at the same time we enjoy it. However today I believe that talk exclusively about these technical issues and special skills is not at all happy. Moreover, I feel that it does seem that biking is an activity in which a certain degree of expertise is required. That foolishness! If the bike is precisely an invention single, close and that allows us to enjoy in the fullness of its use. If there is a predominantly Council concerning mobility in bicycle, this would be enjoy, have fun, because it’s fun. There is more. Continue reading

Maintenance of Mountain Bike Disc Brake

The brake maintenance of the bike is for a real intervention of voltage regulation of the brake cable through the registry setting to allow or the combination of the shoe to the circle of the wheel, or lengthening the distance between brake shoe and wheel.

The brake voltage regulation includes both the duration of braking is the agility of the wheel.
However, each represents a different coordination, so below we will explain through this guide, how to maintain bike brakes.

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How to Choose a Bicycle Helmet

The cycling helmet is an indispensable element for a cyclist and must offer maximum lightness, ventilation and safety, also should have a streamlined. Choose a helmet to the bike, as all the equipment, it is not easy since there are many models and different prices. This makes it necessary to pay particular attention to this vital accessory.

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Breathable Waterproof Cycling Jackets

2012 My third Vätternrundan, worse rain was predicted and it was katstrophal. Five days earlier, when Halvvättern, the conditions were similar to bad and my Jeantex jacket at the end.

A new jacket was needed.

On the Bike Expo Vätternrundan there was a level of Gore Bike Wear and stand personnel came from Gore from Germany. Quickly we were talking and I with the Gore Oxygen raincoat . Under his arm at checkout The price was steep for that time and about 10% more expensive than in Germany. But the arguments of the Gore-people had convinced me.

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Which Bicycle Lights are Best

Soon bike lights are allowed without Dynamo. But the practical battery lamps are not always the best choice. Which system is right for what purpose?

In the Federal Council has decided to lift the Dynamo-duty bicycle. In future lighting will be powered by a battery officially allowed. So the reality is legalized. An overdue regulation because already many wheels without Dynamo are traveling.

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