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When You Buy a Backpack, Some Important Points Should Be Noted:

  •  Must be water-resistant.
  • Must have padding on the back, at the height of the shoulders and the waist.
  • Must allow air circulation (position of the padding).
  • Must have padded handles to protect the shoulders.
  • Must have a capacity between 45 and 55 litres.
  • Should preferably have an upper pocket for easy access.
  • Should preferably have independent opening at the bottom.
  • Should be as light as possible.
  • Must have handles, with possibility of adjustment on the front, chest and belly (barrigueira).
  • Should not be wider than the body.
  • For being a component from which all others depend, must be trusted brand.
  • It is recommended that the weight of the backpack, with all the material, does not exceed 10% of the body weight.
  • Should be adequate for trekking (long walks). Continue reading

Patio Paulista Promotes Bike Ride

On September 14, Shopping Pátio Paulista will hold the second edition of Pedalando com o Pátio-a cycling tour that brings together history, fun and health. The course continues with approximately 20 kilometers in length, passing through emblematic points of São Paulo. This time, Vale do Anhangabaú, Praça da República, Sala São Paulo and Viaduto do Chá are the stopping points, where participants can take pictures and then share them in Shopping fanpage, showing the beauties of the city of São Paulo by the look Of the cyclist. A professional photographer will also follow the path, recording your sights and tour times. Continue reading

Backpacks For Use With Suit Without Losing The Style

A challenge for those who work with formal attire is to find a bag that fits the visual without making the set lose in elegance and style, after all, the idea of who work like that is just always be impeccable in the corporate environment or in the presence of some important client. When we choose a backpack to accompany the suit gets even more complicated, because the accessory is generally designed in sports versions to pair with a custom or even an outfit more aligned, although casual. Continue reading

Ultralight Sleeping Bag Reviews

Ultralight Sleeping Bag: comfort and skin feel

You lie you again in Cumulus LiteLine 400, the skin feels in combination with the soft down to very pleasant. In Synthetic sleeping bags (also newer) I feel a very different feel to the skin and feel total uncomfortable when in a down sleeping bag. In size fits me (197cm, 90kg, slim), the XL version of Lite Line 400 very good and I can if necessary also my ultralight down jacket or aticking * use inside.

Although the cushion effect logically is much lower in a sleeping bag, as in asleeping pad, I found the filling under me but extremely pleasant and noticeable. There are soft when not all down to the sides, but a small charge you always lie to themselves. I also have a feeling that odors are strongly taken not particularly of the sleeping bag, or simply ventilate quickly escape.

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How to Choose Deuter Backpack

There are several types of Deuter backpack on internetages. The variants are suitable both for athletes and for people who want to use it for reading, bring your camera with the objectives or take a tour. The advantage of this brand is to create special padding made with breathable materials and capable of offering the right comfort back.

Some models have straps to stabilize the peso and comfortable padded air mesh shoulder straps with 3D anatomical. Each line of backpacks is designed to offer comfort and official assurances for every type of customer. From adults to children there is a backpack that fits any situation ready to offer maximum reliability ever considered up to now.

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Graphic Design Backpacks 2016

You like colored backpacks and imaginative? Try the ones with graphics, in trend this spring summer 2016.

You are looking for some trendy proposal? The accessories are always excellent allies to get a polished look and trendy but is not always easy to choose the right ones. How to do it? Follow the latest trend for spring/summer 2016 helps tremendously, especially if you want to give a spirited touch to your outfit which is usually far too basic and simple. A good idea is to choose a floral bags for camping, able to give a touch more preppy and colorful, or even jeans bags. There are also many jewelry trends you can’t miss and the same goes for the trendy shoes. But in this article we want to focus in particular on one type of accessory: the bag with graphics.

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