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Ipad App Review: Toy Story Read-Along

The interactive picture book (Video inside).
In addition to Apple, there is another company, a certain Steve Jobs was not involved: Pixar.The animation studio had not only produced the first full-length and computer-animated feature film (Toy Story), but continues this series of success to this day-not a single flop has ever been delivered to the Kinokassen. Meanwhile, Pixar is owned by Disney, and Mr. Jobs is the supervisory board of the traditional company. A special strength of Disney was and is also the merchandising. It is not surprising that one also provides suitable apps for the iPad. The fact that this is “Toy Story Read-Along” ( App-Store-Link ) then free of charge, surprisingly positive, surprised.

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Star Wars: Increasing The Anticipation With The Best Apps

It was once a long, distant Google Play Store…
There is massive anticipation. The Star Wars fans, who have seen the latest trailer for “Star Wars: The Awakening of Power”, fight the last remaining tickets for the first shows in our cinemas on the World Wide Web. As the conflicts in the booking modules of cinemas intensify, handyflash sends tips on the best Star Wars apps to amuse you and balance the power. Continue reading