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Semp Toshiba Tablet with Android 10.1 Inch

Company has also launched new ultrabook with Windows 7 and smart phones.

The manufacturer Semp Toshiba Informatica (STi) announced the arrival in stores of a new tablet with 10.1 inch screen and Android operating system in version 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich. January 2 GHz Tegra processor with two cores and 16 GB internal memory, the MyPad TA 1033G costs R $1600. Continue reading

Review Akg N60nc

We tested the headset that promises a unique experience of bass, treble and noise reduction in a product for day to day.Is it worth it?

AKG is already an old acquaintance of those looking for comfortable, high-performance headphones.The recently launched N60NC in Brazil, which has a new noise canceling system, can increase the performance of the product by 40% compared to previous models, according to the manufacturer. Continue reading

Linux Android Dual Boot Tablet

$100 for a taste of Android and Linux in dual-boot on a tablet with 7 inch (but there is also the model 10 “) seem almost an offer not to refuse, and this PengPod 700 could be just one of many solutions in this regard that we see emerging in the coming months. With the field of cheap tablet invaded by that tenant uncomfortable is the Nexus 7, to continue to survive those first proliferated in the area have some reinvent themselves, and with the growing interest of Canonical to the mobile segment, what better way that revive the never too popular dual-boot systems?

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Arctic Cooling Headphones Review

Pros: Good sound as well as the battery life that lasts long. It has a comfortable design for sports, adjusting very well to the contours of the head. Good price.

Cons: The materials could be better. If you have a small head not you they conform at all though they may be well adjusted.

Best price found: €20
The Arctic Cooling P253 BT headset (from about 20 euros) without cable and stereo are bestseller in Spain since that provide us for our outstanding music sound quality with the security of Bluetooth technology. We have up to 30 hours of time to listen and talk while we are connected to our songs or in social life there where we are.

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Fire TV Stick Review

Our site would ready the launch of Fire TV Stick 2, a second generation model updated in the data sheet and in the software. We find out thanks to the database GFXBench. A device called the AFTS, with WiFi and Bluetooth but without GPS, with 1.5 GB RAM, 8 GB MediaTek, of interior space and Android 5.1, has many chances to be the new PC Stick at Amazon.

If true, this specification would lead to a much more powerful current of 2 Fire TV Stick (SoC MediaTek MT8173 Quad Core A53 against Broadcom Dual Core 28155 A9) especially in graphics (PowerVR GX6250 against Video Core 4). The stick would approach the performance of Amazon Fire TV, and maybe would leave room for an update even by the latter. Continue reading