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Trade Fair Appearance in Redefin on Life Exhibition

High-quality hands-on: Lederbags.de on the “way of life”

Fair date 31 May to 2 June 2013

Lederbags.de on tour! Shoulder bags, briefcases or natural leather bag: Visitors to the fair “Way of life” can convince local high-quality offer of online shops for leather goods . The well-kept grounds of the state stud of Redefin is backdrop for many exhibitors with attractive offers in the areas of home, garden and lifestyle once again from 31 May to 2 June 2013. Continue reading

Footwear, Clothing, Accessories Buy Online, Specials

Footwear Footwear – Online Shopping Facility, Promotion Tips

Passarela.com – Ease and convenience at the time of purchase has always been something valued by many women who, less and less have time to search in physical stores for news and things they need to buy. With the evolution and accessibility of technology and shopping sites becoming more and more secure, nothing better than filling your cart virtually, in the comfort of your home, or even at work, in the minutes you have available. Continue reading

Tips on How to Combine Printed Clothing

Tips on how you should match your printed clothing

Women always walk elegant and beautiful all chic always have doubts of how to combine clothes printed with shoes or accessories always overload in the look and this can get strange and very ugly, many women spend lots of money to be fashionable always fashion now are the clothes printed with many models and different styles you can get even more beautiful and stylish with the tips of how to combine printed clothes with all kinds of accessories, or shoes or even with the makeup that can sometimes look ugly. Continue reading

60’s Clothing – Photos

60’s Photos and Models

The 60 ‘s Clothing are very important pieces, especially on occasions like theme parties, and we always have some party on that theme to go, and that’s why we can never stop having a model in the wardrobe.But it’s not all the people who keep these models, and that’s why there are several different ones too, know that today the characteristics of these clothes are psychedelic prints, black and white, with polka dots and also has the accessories that helps to complete everything too. Continue reading

Fashion Sunglasses!

If you have an accessory that I love passion is sunglasses! In the same way as have the sets of clothes, also has the fashion for glasses. I love the colored, mirrored, because they give a tcham in look, it changes the mood of our day instantly! The most desired models right now are those of Fendi, Dior, Illesteva and others but, each more fashion and daring than the other! Remember those mirrored lenses that have been considered over? Today they returned in different colors: blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, there are many shades and patterns. Continue reading

Choker: Summer Accessory!

You sure, wore that Necklace (or collar) that mimics tattoo. I’m sure! Until a while ago she was on the list of “fiascos fashion”, but now it’s back to be coveted by the ladies that my God Brazil and the world as well. Because fashion is like that, huh, guys? Fashion loves doing these with us, goes back and forth and if repaginates and stays. And we swear that is horrible and I will never use, but we always use again. And that’s not a delight? I think! This, which is a trend of the’90, was rescued by giving the nod to use all kinds of necklaces that we want. The outfits can be used with pendant or not (in my time wore without), looks great when we add more different collars with them. As with the pulseirismo (who many of you know that I’m in LOVE), it’s nice to mix textures and models. Continue reading