Swimsuit at Your Measurement

Not all women can wear bikinis to pose elegantly on the beach and Brazilian actress Betty Faria, 72, has already felt it on her skin. After being criticized on social networks, when she was seen again to take sunbathing she was already wearing a bathing suit.

However, not all models fit all women. Among the different shapes, colors and / or fabrics, learn to choose the one that most favors you, with the help of Mafalda Alves, fashion assistant at Saber Viver.

For The Chubby

Bathing is always a safe option if it is more voluptuous as it lengthens the silhouette. To escape the typical black, choose a color but with a pattern that does not increase. Small or abstract designs of vertical lines are the best choice. Choose these models if you have a lot of chest, but do not go here if you do not like to get big marks on the skin.

For The Narrow

A bikini with ruffles and pattern is not for any body. If the pattern alone gives the illusion of volume, the frills reinforce it even more. It is ideal for extremely narrow women, who can (and should) increase their shapes. This is a good option for those who have small breasts, but do not favor wide-breasted women.

For The Tall And Thin

Bikinis with high waist are not suitable for low women. The fact that they are little dug in the leg shortens its size and the raised waist gives the sensation of a smaller trunk. Opt for these models if you have a prominent belly but never if you have a big ass.


It does not look good on any body. It takes a narrow body to risk on this model that highlights shapes.

Neckline Falls Down

Only favors the middle chest. A large chest goes down and a small chest looks even smaller.

Half Cup

It is the ideal to support the chest. Women with a lot of breast should opt for this model.

Lateral Ties

They allow regulating the way the bikini fits the body. is suitable for those who have side tires, as they do not overlap. If you have wide hips, choose thin loops so you do not create too much volume in this area.


Not for those who want, but for those who can. The hot pant model favors only thin women with tall and thin legs.