Stretching Skirts and Dresses

At the end of last year, the skirts have undergone a change. Came the midi length, by the height of the cinnamon and, at the same time, the long, or maxi models. The miniskirts will remain present, however, the long skirts have gained space in the wardrobe. And it’s not just the skirt that changed, the dresses also changed and came to rest on the feet.

The maxi models descend from the 1970s, with hippie fashion that had the comfort first. The women wore skirts and long, wide-bodied dresses with sandals and slippers.

The maxissaias or long skirts can be found in various fabrics: cotton, silk, knitwear, jeans, pleated and also various colors and even printed. They are pieces that can go from the ride to the ballad, depending on the combination of accessories you make. Finalize the look with a flip flops, slippers, sneakers, espadrilles, clogs, anabelas. Avoid social shoes (scarpe and sandals with thin strips)

All women can wear long skirts, from short to long. Opt for high waist models and mark the waist, to stretch a few inches to silhouette.

The T-shirts that look great with this model, using them inside or out. Not forgetting to mark the waist. We saw the long, transparent skirts through the streets. The transparent touch leaves the fabric more elegant, added to a heavier top, gives another face to the look. It looks beautiful!

The maxi dresses are also not behind and are great options for any occasion. Not to mention that in the summer they help to refresh. In the feet, it is the same as for the maxissaias. Be careful not to sweep the floor, pay attention to the length of the piece. Leather jackets and jeans are partners of the long piece.