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The most fashionable footwear and the tips to choose the right model (photos)

Carrie Bradshaw, character played by the actress
Sara Jessica Parker in the series “Sex and the City”, assumes
Crazy for them, whether they are smooth or with a pattern,
Varnished, wedge or needle heel. We speak, of course, of
shoes. This season, the yellow and the wine color is the great
Newness in color. Python is the most popular pattern
And the exotic, metallic and suede skins are included in the list
Of the most used materials.

Regardless of the fashion and the trends that mark it, in the opinion of Alexandra Simões
De Carvalho, an image consultant for Style your Life,
«When choosing footwear we have to pay attention to three points
Important: lifestyle, context and silhouette ‘. Other criteria
The following is’ quality, and always opt for shoes
With natural leather interior for the sake of durability
And comfort “, explains this specialist.

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They are a timeless classic in
Female wardrobe, conferring femininity
And elegance to any look. This is the model
Most versatile station running in
Any record, from the classic to the modern,
Depending on the parts used in the composition

Mary Janes
Used mainly in versions
Platform, with compensated soles, are ideal
For women’s looks, in a lady like register.
Because they are buckled, they are comfortable and easy to
Use, giving stability while walking.

Ankle boots
Models are in vogue
Compensated, with heavier jumps and with
Laces. They are an alternative to this
Autumn / winter, running from the looks
More feminine and delicate
Masculine, being perfect to coordinate
With skirts and dresses.

Good option for lovers of
Comfortable footwear since the buckle in shape
Defining them gives stability to the
floor. They are compensated and in version

Male Models
The Oxfords,
Moccasins as well as  loafers are indicated
For relaxed and ideal daytime scenarios
For the Portuguese sidewalk. Suitable for
With a more masculine aspect
Can, on the other hand, soften looks
Female, when coordinated with skirts
Short or knee and dresses.

Choice wise

Tricks to find the ideal match:

– Women with short stature
Should prefer models that
Shuffle and style the silhouette,
Being the most low-cut shoes,
Like stilettos, the best option.

– If you have short legs avoid
Shoes that tighten to the level
Of the ankle, such as t-shoes and
Since they cut the height
Of the leg, especially when coordinated
With skirts or dresses.

– Who has a strong leg or
More robust it should opt for
Thicker jumps and soles compensated,
As well as shoes
More open and low-cut, to
Stylize the leg.

– If you are tall, you may
Wear all kinds of shoes.
You can and should abuse your shoes
Such as the Oxford models,
As well as boots and t-shoes
Which, although cutting the height of
Leg, balance the silhouette.

Text:Fabiana Bravo with Alexandra Simões de Carvalho (image consultant for Style your Life)