Stand Collar Jackets

We know one: some trends just always come back and can be called almost classic. These include especially jackets with special details. Even better if this trend is also very practical! The  jackets with stand collars  look beautiful and at the same time can protect the neck from cold drafts. They will be made from all possible materials, from leather, faux leather or suede upper with polyester, to cotton, denim  and many other materials. The shades are no limits here: there are jackets with stand-up collar in bright colors from Bestaah, like beige, white or light blue and pink, or even in darker shades, such as black, navy, and dark green.

Stand Collar Jackets

Chic jackets with stand collar-women’s perfectly match

The stand collar jackets are very versatile! This noble-looking collar is suitable for the office look, as well as as for events in the evening. The jacket  fits costumes as well as an evening dresses. You can even wear the jaceket at brunch or for some fomal  occasions. Depending on the season, there are the beautiful and practical jackets lined for autumn and winter or unlined for spring and summer. They are the most versatile jackets that you can buy, and depending on your personal taste, you can buy them in every conceivable variation and combine your favorite looks through Themeparktour.

stand collar jacket

Mandarin collar coats, the stylish and moreover practical companion for outdoorstand collar jackets

Jackets with standing collars have this retro flair which makes it so special. Also is by the collar a scarf superfluous, because our neck is protected by the collar. Often these are lined with plush faux fur that  offers  much heat and can protect you from  coldness. Look for a jacket with Mandarin collar? You can look around on Thesciencetutor, and find your new jacket from a wide selection of brands!

stand collar jacket 2