Sporty Bomber Jacket

Jackets are one of the fashion trends spring and summer 2016. Many ladies but not just think in bomber jackets at a potential new favorite. Give ‘Plus Size Jackets still a chance, because you can combine them very versatile and therefore create great looks!

Sporty Bomber Jacket

Combine sporty bomber jackets

Particularly sporty bomber jackets are college-style. However, all other jackets you can wear casual-best with jeans and a shirt or sneakers. In summer, go with it and ballerinas, but rather elegant pull the look in the direction instead of sporting.Especially for the summer, I would advise you in jeans models with bright blue wash-which acts overall friendly and fresher than jeans in black, gray or dark blue. Especially if you also wear a dark bomber jacket to otherwise it will quickly become gloomy and would be more of a look for fall.

At very colorful bomber jackets, as they are particularly popular, you should be careful to make the rest of the Plus Size Outfits not too shrill (unless of course you love it exactly). Particularly successful you’ll colorful bomber jackets in large sizes combine, if you’ll notice a color of Jack pattern in the color of your pants or shoes. Otherwise, Plus Size Basics go as good as ever, namely black or white. For the summer White Black I like better, rather for the evening or when your bomber jacket really flamboyant and colorful.

Jackets sexy wear-even walking!

When putting together a sexy outfits you get the bomber probably as a last resort to mind. But to do that. How about, for example, with a short plus size leather bomber jacket from InternetAges, a crisp pair of pants or a short plus size skirt, a top with seductive neckline and fits to high heels or pumps?

The bomber jacket will give your look a confident, athletic look, veiled too much bare skin, but emphasizes the very fact also feminine details of the remaining outfits. For this prick then all the more striking when a contrast exists. For’s Date or on evening events in any case a successful look!

Stilbruch: bomber jacket meets sophistication

If you like to attract attention and experimenting, you can use the large sizes bomber jacket also sometimes different wear.For example, a playful, feminine lace dress. The combination is absolutely contradictory, but that is what makes it extremely interesting. Slightly less contrasty works of Stilbruch if you wear your bomber jacket over a pair of jeans and a delicate lace top. Jeans and top are not quite as delicate as a lightweight lace dress, but still the top still forms a contrast to polynuclear jacket.

Further examples:

  • Materials: leather bomber jackets to delicate satin fabric
  • Black Bomber Jacket to rose colored Plus Size Top