Snö of Sweden Collection

New fantastic Snö of Sweden jewelry in the store

Now it’s a whole lot new going on from Snö of Sweden and you will find their new creations here at Blingit. A quick look at the new jewelery reveals that Snow will continue with the same fresh and modern design language, but that we now have more variations of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Let’s look a little closer at some of the new series now being launched by Snö of Sweden …

Versailles-Anyone who knows their history and geography know that Versailles is a chateau in France, and then it’s not so hard to understand how Snö of Sweden has thought with his Versaille jewelry. Here we rhinestones power and glory in a way that shows. What’s really unique for these ornaments is that they go in the color pink gold, which feels both modern and royal.

Aurora-graceful, easy and inspiring. About Aurora so you do not speak so much. A bracelet that feels so easy on the skin and wings which reinforce this effect … Just take a look in our online shop to understand what the Aurora is about.

Joe-a fitting name for a collection as well as the name has a design that can be perceived as both male and female.The elegance is there on EDUCATIONVV and the simpler forms make it possible to combine necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in a flexible and interesting way. Joe collection is not casual but not overly festive as it is a good choice both when you want to be a little finer an ordinary everyday when you are looking for something that will really suit party wear.

Lazee-With Lazee as an exciting line of jewelry from Snö of Sweden which certainly has many of the ingredients that we are accustomed to from this brand, such as the smooth links and the shiny metal. Lazees main creations reminiscent of a paw in combination with the drop and this may be a bit more weight than with, for example, Aurora.Lazee include necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, and this is especially the bracelets very unique with elements of colored crystal in an exciting and beautiful way.

Spike-If Versaille series feels a little pompous, it is Spike the opposite. Here Snö of Sweden worked with the simplicity and produced jewelry that are easy to combine with clothes and jewelry. This Snow series provides simple earrings that are also very stylish and just what you may need when you do not want that the earrings will take up too much space, but when you get a naked feeling of not wearing anything at all in the ears.

Alva-We who have grown up with Astrid Lindgren and Mardie know who is Alva. She is beautiful, kind, resourceful, and slightly mysterious. Perhaps Snö of Sweden Alva had this in mind when they developed Alva series with creamy colors and pearls. This is elegant and classic jewelry that has a clear timeless feel.

We think that the news from Snö of Sweden is very exciting and we look forward to offer you these here in the shop.