Skirts – Trends of This Summer Clothing

The skirts have always been an icon of comfort and elegance for the summer.See the top color, texture, and pattern trends for this part.

Skirts have always been one of the essential items for the summer. It is a piece that can not be missing in the closet of any woman, especially those who always seek to be within the latest trends. In addition to being an icon of elegance and femininity, the skirt stands out for being comfortable and cool for hot days.

For summer, it will not be necessary to buy a specific model of skirt, since practically all were exploited vastly by the stylists. The trends will be due to the textures, colors and fabrics used in them.

As we have seen, high waist bikinis are a highlight for this summer . In the skirts will not be any different. This model is already very successful in other countries and has returned with everything here in Brazil. Ideally, a model should be chosen that will make the waist thinner.An important tip: those with a firmer waistline help disguise the localized fat, so invest!As for the models, you can vary the will, such as balletic, short, long, bulky, and so on.

The long skirts are also a hit of weight. Choose models with lightweight and fluid fabrics.It is also interesting to use irregular pieces, with no sharp cut, creating a concept of freshness.

In addition to these, several other types appeared in the summer parades, such as pencil skirt and even rounds.It is as it was said at the beginning of the article: practically all the models were explored by the stylists.

As for the colors and textures, the tip is the same for the other pieces of clothing.For the hottest season of the year are on high

  • White;
  • Nude tones (pearl, rosé, etc);
  • Florals;
  • Metallic fabrics;
  • Fluid and transparent tissues;
  • Silk;
  • Color Blocking ;
  • Jeans;
  • Animal-print.

Using these elements can not be wrong. To learn more about combinations, see our Fashion section. It’s a lot of cool tips that will help you stay comfortable, chic, and in every trend.