Simply and Honestly – Shoes

The winter is (almost) over, and the boots can be banished back to the farthest corner of the Shoe cabinet. The new sandals are playful or extravagant and if the shallow treads are not one in the coming of spring and summer, then in any form.On the contrary, on some models you have to watch that you can’t see them. But was thought also to those who like it more colorful and flashy.

Chloé sets to rustic. The sandals are made of sturdy leather and in their form, these Sandals have a fatal similarity with models from the House of Birkenstock. Ankle strap sandals, Chloé calls these sandals, which one would survive a mountain tour.

At Hermés, the sandals are a (more expensive) touch anything. Very cool, very unremarkable and very aesthetic. But is that what you want from a shoe? In a delicate rose with very narrow straps, impact at least yet elegant Hermés sandals, if there was not this Flip-Flop element of the toe riemchens.

All in white, with a central point of rivets, are the Gladiator’s from H & M. Also the Swedes put on narrow straps, but unfortunately also more attractive, this makes the sandals.

Pierre Hardy like it this year sober and and in the retro style. Flat sandals with touches of blue and Red transparent plastic as we know it in a similar form of umbrellas.

Who is not can make friends with the flat sandals, which can access also to wedges.Very high with a wedge from Cork and wide ankle straps like in Lois Vuitton, or something simple and emphasizes sober at Jil Sander. Both conjure up a beautiful slim leg anyway.