Shopping With the Balances in Milan

After a long wait punctuated by some promotion out of season finally arrived balances. The large cities, according to the latest polls, seems to have not yet filled with fashion victims ready to write down their savings, perhaps because of the prices in many stores have not dropped significantly compared to those of departure. If you want to find offers affordable and make a shopping that will supply your wardrobe of clothes cool and trendy I recommend you take a trip in the Italian city of fashion, Milan, and not to let escape some boutiques where you will find what’s right for you without spending a fortune! All ready to have the information on balances in Milan?

Like all big cities, Milan has fairly high costs and yet there are plenty of stores, with heads d ‘apparel and accessories of quality, where you can really rock in shopping without crying too our portfolio. Here is a small guide to the balances in Milan, including chains low cost and little shops that you’ll find only in the capital of Lombardy. The best shoe stores: from the blog. The object of desire of these balances Spring Summer 2011? Surely the shoes, at least judging by the kilometric file in front of some shops of footwear. Among the shops that I recommend you do not miss is Lolita ‘s Porta Ticinese, ideal for younger people who have a wide choice of dancers and many different color shoes. The prices during the sales do not exceed 35 euros. In the same area you can drop by Mauro Leone, with its wide range of ballet flats, sandals, espadrilles, between footwear more to summer fashion, which also offers many shoe style vintage and chic ! These stores still are not enough ? In fact I still have not even told you about Guya, a real paradise of shoes, located in Corso Vercelli Gallery.

I warn you that before entering, during these days of sales, will wait a row of at least ten minutes but well worth it! Really even missed Marilena, among the most popular shoe stores of the moment, and even Vergelio where I recommend you go before they are sold out almost all the numbers. The clothing stores do not miss Really unmissable, with regard to clothing, are the various outlets Nadine that allow you to create the total look very interesting and great discounts of up to 70%! For those who want a good compromise between quality and price, I suggest you move from Benetton and Sisley: Discounts are around 50% even discounts to be really missed Furla, among the brand’s most popular accessories by girls and Boggi: both brands reward their customers with a 30% discount. the best discounts? To fashion stores low cost!The most satisfying shopping, especially from the quantitative point of view, is that proposed by the brand fashion low cost . Zara , Stradivarius, Pinkie, Mango, Berska, Pull & Bear and H & M are the classic outlets where you can find some great bargains to pieces basic . Spending little money you can hoard leaders really fundamental in our wardrobe like shorts jeans, the price of which varies from 15 Euros to 40 Euros, and t-shirts and tank tops and nautical theme.Even for accessories is really a great choice: sandals, sashes, necklaces,