Shoes with Style – Looks Tips with Tennis Fashion Trend

Shoes With Style-Looks Tips With Sneakers-Fashion Trend

Use shoes only for sports no longer rule the tennis part of looks more stylish and, in tennis is already occupying most exquisite spaces in occasions that used to be reserved for high heels.

The new fashion trends has made it clear the appreciation of tennis with more sophisticated parts, such as dresses, straitjackets, skirts and other clothing in addition to the sportsbook.

Famous brands of clothes show in their parades, looks with beautiful and modern tennis is tennis in style.

The shoes can be used all year round in warmer weather or colder. The rush of modern life makes it a more comfortable footwear, soft, you can walk the strides without danger of twisting, warping the jump or even fall.

Tennis can be smooth, with stripes, flower, poás anyway, of many colors and models.

We have in the current fashion models of tennis with rates, embroidery, beads, sequins, applications, frayed, one more beautiful than the other.

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Shoes with Style - Looks Tips with Tennis Fashion Trend 2

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The shoes can be tall or not and go well with a plethora of look, leaving visual super relaxed and even more sophisticated, depending on the combination.

For use in looks more stylish, separate that tennis that you use less, not every day do combinations such as printed sneakers or flowery with monochrome pieces and preferably within the pitch of the clothes.Printed clothing already, use flat shoes to harmonize the visual.

Tennis goes well with short dresses a little above the knee, skirts, shorts, pants, jeans short 62 knee skirts. The bland also go well with tennis shoes, overalls, bib and other parts, which will leave the shoes with style.

There is that risk using a shoe lace dress up, what you’ve seen and fashion shows, showing a lot of character and boldness.

No age limit, tennis goes well for children, girls and boys, young and mature women, with capri pants, blouses larguinhas out beautiful.

The tennis shoes can be Vans, sneakers, All Star, with fine point such as Miu Miu and many other models.

Choose your style and mount your look with sneakers and work the day postponed and special occasions innovating.