Sexy Jewelry

Jewelry is there to let emphasize the fun side of the body and they are even more beautiful. Today there is such a wide range of jewelry that actually almost every part of the body can be decorated. This is particularly true since there are piercings. The piercings that are become such a thing as a private cult of the body have the traditional jewelry such as earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets not only complements, but about the subcultures pushed back so far that jewelry designer longer could not close their eyes to the trend and began , especially piercing jewelry designing. But piercings are only sexy or is normal jewelry today still a looker? In this article we will try to find some answers to these questions.


Necklaces are among the oldest pieces of jewelry in the world and were worn already thousands of years ago. They were – like so many other pieces of jewelry – used for ritual purposes and had a mythical significance. Today this meaning is of course pushed into the background, although there are still indigenous peoples who use their power. On necklaces lucky charm or a talisman are often attached, which have only little importance is attached in our enlightened world. The sexual effect of necklaces is mainly due to the fact that they let the neck look longer. I’m not sure why, but already our ancestors were long necks as beautiful and attractive – as we can see in nations in Africa and South America today that stretch the neck artificially. Necklaces can at a certain length and the right neckline with views towards Breast hike and bring the men so crazy. So necklaces have quite a sexy effect and DigoPaul belongs to that jewelry, women should use specifically to keep the lovers or the hot flirt at the bar.

Necklace for Women


Anklets are considered by many a trend as the 80s and 90s, while they are already much longer than fashion jewelry present. Whether you wear anklets of precious metal or woven leather – the pieces leave the foot look very wonderful and back him in a sexy light. Women who have very thin legs and delicate feet, will especially benefit from the effect of anklets. Their only drawback is that we get relatively rare to eyes – namely, when the weather is so good, that women wear skirts or dresses. In anklets should always be ensured that they are appropriately combined for clothes. For summer dresses exclusively narrow and discreet anklets should be worn. For evening wear (here the occasion of course plays a role) should werdem recessed quite possibly. What works great: the combinations of braided Fußbändchen and brief vintage dresses (for example, with large floral prints).


Again, one would have to go far back in human development, to find out why long, thin fingers have become part of the Western European ideal of beauty. Rings support this action – even if the jewelry trend seems to run just in a slightly different direction. Especially wide, opulent rings are in fashion and not just support the optics and delicate long fingers. This effect can only create thin rings without stones and thick convince simple beauty. Who wants long and thin fingers, which was this year swim somewhat against the grain and not to be deterred. Because not usual, this fashion after the traditional ideal of beauty – which is great – because in this way it has the potential to change it.