Samsung Galaxy Convinces Alpha

With the Galaxy, Alpha shows Samsung can make it really fancy smart phones. Obviously it should slow the triumphal March of the iPhone 6. And as the test shows, it has similar weaknesses such as Apple’s piece of jewelry besides many strengths.

Technically, there are Samsung’s upper-class smart phones already absolute top class. But South Koreans have not necessarily had the call to produce sophisticated devices. This is mainly on the plastic housings of smart phones, which are indeed robust and even waterproof, but are perceived as especially high quality. Now closing is to with the “plastic”bombers, Samsung wants to go new ways with the Galaxy alpha and obviously the iPhone 6 oppose a smart phone that not only by performance convinced, but also “style”.

Indeed, the Smart phone through its aluminium frame sounds much classier than, for example, the Galaxy S5 from The haptic reminds some of the Nokia Lumia 930. Tapers the metal on the sides and the unit weighs only 114 grams, it is but much more comfortable in the hand. Power switch and volume rocker fit perfectly and offer very solid pressure points. On the front, the only 6.7 mm thin frame speaker jack and micro-USB connector, what Alpha is extraordinarily well the Galaxy fluctuates.

Also A Plastic Back Can Delight

The reverse is true as had made of polycarbonate, but with a velvety surface forms a beautiful contrast to the hard, angular frame. The plastic is nestled seamlessly on the housing and because there are no hollow spaces under the battery cover, the thin plastic shell feels more massive than it actually is. From the front the alpha looks like a typical Galaxy, where the fine mark stamping of the back around the display as a filigree pattern shows. Also looks good, and we can say that the Galaxy Alpha has a very coherent design and is well processed.

The beauty comes at a price however, the Galaxy Alpha is not waterproof and the slim housing only a battery has found place, which is almost as weak on the chest with 1860 mAh as the battery of the iPhone 6. The alpha but makes the most of its scarce reserves and also the terms are quite comparable with the staying power of the Apple competitors. So the Samsung Smart phone in the test held out also loose a day with average use. Bad reception or frequent use of the camera, charge dropped but quite rapidly in areas where the power-saving mode must be used.

Full HD Must Not Be

Probably to save the small battery, Samsung the Galaxy waived Alpha a full-HD display. The 4.7-inch screen reaches even a pixel density beyond the 300 720 p but as the iPhone-6 display ppi, which is absolutely sufficient. Color and contrast are similar to crisp as when the Galaxy S5. And like its big brother the screen of the alpha of the page darkens considered hardly and perfectly legible. The display can light up but overall not as bright, and has a slight blue tint.

During the drive, Samsung has less restrained and built its new, own eight-core processor of Exynos 5430, which can be accessed on two gigabytes of memory. Four cortex-A15 cores make steam at 1.8 gigahertz, four A7 cores save power with 1.3 gigahertz. In addition, the chip protects the battery through a 20-nanometer architecture, in which the electrons have to travel shorter distances. In the AnTuTu-benchmark the Galaxy, Alpha clearly exceeds the S5 equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 and in everyday life, it convinces with extremely jagged reactions. Also the graphics unit Mali T628 has in the test as strong proved enough and can be forced by any game to its knees. In the 3DMark-Test “Ice Storm Unlimited” remains the Alpha with an average performance but significantly behind the S5.

Tough Camera

Although the camera of the noble-galaxy makes only photos up to 12 mega pixels. But the pictures look so good as with the 18-megapixel camera of the S5 and shine especially in good light conditions with fine detail. However, the alpha when automatic sharpening shoots sometimes over the target. Like the large Galaxy, also the metal has a great HDR mode, whose Resultate can be seen in real time on the display. The camera is also almost as fast as that of the S5 and noise to GDP in weaker light also. However, the alpha camera can not match iPhone-6-camera.

Under the photo light Alpha is built also in the Galaxy a heart rate monitor, which works easily and relatively reliable. If you need something in a Smartphone, is however doubtful. However, the fingerprint sensor on the home button is very useful. He works almost flawlessly and free users can unlock from the cumbersome input of a PIN or a pattern. In addition, you can trust him with the credentials for Web pages and use a fingerprint for the PayPal payment. It must however paint with the finger in the right angle of the sensor which is not quite as practical as the one-touch solutions for iPhone and Huawei’s Ascend Mate 7 .

All in all is Samsung with the Galaxy Alpha succeeded, a really chic and high-quality Smart phone that also the one or the other users of the purchase of a much more expensive iPhone 6 could stop with a price of around 550 euro. Unfortunately is no place for micro-SD cards in the ultra thin Alpha housing and buyers have to be content with 32 gigabytes of internal memory. Also, potential buyers could miss a waterproof housing, which you will find, for example, for less money at the Sony Xperia Z3 compact.