Samsung Galaxy A3: Metal Makeover with Samsung

Conclusion: With the Galaxy A3, a heavily processed phone with solid technology that in the test from the plastic bombers of the past years apart-and is now at a fair price to have successful Samsung.

Samsung offers a compact 4.5 inch smart phone in the aluminium unibody with the Galaxy A3. Especially the coated metal back touch is very pleasant and has a high-quality, also when it reaches the standard not an iPhone 6 or one M8. The A3 is still visually an enormous improvement over the many plastic phones of the manufacturer. Addresses particularly the flat frame. There installed Samsung of also a Nano-SIM and microSD card slots. The expand the 16 GB internal memory (approximately 11 GB available) to up to 64 GB. The back cover is not removable, which determine obstructed battery so. The battery life is rather moderate. We measure just over five hours in our online run-time test.

Samsung Galaxy A3: Camera&Display

On the metal back of the A3, an 8-megapixel camera is LED flash included. As long as you take in good light conditions, you will receive intense colour, sufficiently sharp images. In bad light, a very strong noise adjusts itself however. The front camera dissolves in good 5 megapixel and delivers solid Selfies. The display of the handy Smartphone measures 4.5 inches. The brightness around 384,1 cd / m ² with ambient light is good, but the contrast is also highly AMOLED technology. The viewing angle stability is also optimal, colors and brightness remain stable even in strong side viewing. The only problem of the screen, which is equipped with a Pentile matrix is the pixel density. 960 x 540 pixels are no longer up to date and impact the display when not perfectly sharp. And yet the Info: phone works very well with the A3, we register a surprisingly clear and loud sound that is not hampered by annoying noise in the pipe.

Samsung Galaxy A3: Performance & Operating System

The A3 is the current SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 with four cores and maximum 1.2 GHz clocking. There are also lush 1.5 GB RAM for this device class. The Snapdragon allows not only a pleasantly brisk pace of work, that’s not must hide also from high-end cell phones, but also rapid LTE speed with up to 150 MBit / s in download (Cat4) the A3. As the operating system, it uses Android with TouchWiz UI.Special features are bright and friendly colors in menus, many shortcuts and the news feed Flipboard, which sit on request to the left of the home screens.

Samsung Galaxy A3: Alternative

That Motorola Moto G of 3rd generation is clear cheaper, works with the latest Android-6 OS and offers a higher resolution and larger display. Allerding is also not as compact as the Galaxy A3 and also the noble touch is missing.