Salmon Fishing Baits

I decided to go for a fish of 96 hours of this beautiful and very wild place.

As the pH is acidic, has a very strong smell of peat, I chose for this session Spicy salmon: Let me explain: I wanted a slightly spicy bait stimulus the metabolism of the fish.

In fact, during fishing, I met a little luck, a fisherman who was also there. During the conversation, he told me about his observations and handed me of his marbles spent one day in the water. Ball smelled of mud and silt it was no longer its original smell ….. It seemed important element when choosing my future bait!
For this session I decided that I will use Spicy salmon balanced balls and corresponding dip.

To make my fish had to spooling fiber Camline high resistance of fish and colored camouflage to frustrate suspicion of fish. Also there is the presence of “marker” Roll to show how much you put fiber spool. The execution is carried out by placing the roll in hot water and allowed to hang freely. In this way a perfect alignment and tightening of the fiber which will provide good support.

To bring luggage 150 meters from my car had something like Barrow XL. Thus there was no danger to fish wander far from the

So I can be alleviated during transport I use very light stand and quick to assemble Session pod. Follow AndrewFishing for how to use sea fishing lures.

For installation would use the occasion Granity 35 lb hook Sb4 number 6 that makes good welds fish and no chance to disconnect.

After a thorough examination and analysis of the place I put my pin a balanced ball.

Then I’ll put a few balls of PVA thread soaked in dip, and you know that, my three branches have several balls at each spot.

My approach, my strategy and my logic in terms of bait brought me success and this great photo session. Spicy salmon taste remained throughout the fishing, which is proof of their high quality! The fish were totally addicted to Spicy salmon.