Rustic Kitchens: Simple Charm and Sophistication

Rustic kitchens have fallen in the taste of people who seek a more cozy and airy atmosphere even in the big city. And it is not because it is rustic that the kitchen is without decoration, style and sophistication. Check out how to leave this charming and modern environment, without forgetting the functionality, so important in kitchens in general.

The apparent brick is a good tip for anyone who wants to bring a touch of simplicity to the kitchen walls without losing the beauty. The boulders can be discovered by peeling one or more walls or even being installed from scratch as a decorative option. Used in their normal color or still painted in white, the bricks give a rustic air almost instantly to your kitchen.

You Can Also Decorate Rustic Kitchens

Coatings like demolition wood can also be used for cabinet and countertop finishes. Floor and some walls can also be coated with this material, just be careful with the installation and the waterproofing of the wood.

In rustic kitchens designed by professionals of interior decoration and tables and benches made from demolition wood are also very found.

One type of floor often found in designs of rustic decor kitchens is the floor made from burnt cement, with its gray color it gives the balance in the palette of colors that may have become heavy because of finishes and accessories. In addition, easy to apply and maintain, it is a good choice for kitchen areas, including those that are away from home.

Another very used finish, even in conjunction with the cement floor are the hydraulic tiles, which precisely because they are very colorful contrast in a harmonious way with the neutral color of the cement. This type of tile can also be found on the wall covering, including in imitation form, today it is common to find wall stickers with motifs similar to hydraulic tiles.

To complete the charm of its rustic cuisine, it is also worth betting on the important details mainly for those who like to cook. Appliances may even be of the latest generation, but there is no denying the charm of more rustic accessories such as wooden utensils, straw baskets and iron pots.

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