Romantic Wedding with Balloons

Today it is about a romantic wedding and what balloons can contribute. To this end, we take up this topic from the series “Hochzeitsbräuche”. Balloons have been an indispensable part of a wedding celebration for several years. They are of great importance, whether for decoration or even for small program spots.Therefore, we find, balloons now belong to the modern wedding customs . Here are some ideas on what you can do with balloons to organize a romantic wedding.

Romantic Wedding-Balloons Rise

Already directly after the marriage ceremony, when the bridal couple exchangedthe feats , balloons can rise into the sky via This can happen, for example, just in front of the church or the church, when the couple comes out. In this case, the maids should organize this and simply fly the balloons. The surprise at the bridal couple will be great and it is a great alternative to the often undesirable rice sprinkle. But even later, when the wedding party is already in place, balloons can be raised. Then there is more time. There can be cards prepared for each guest awish to the bridal couplecan be achieved. These cards are tied to the balloons.Together, all balloons of the guests rise into the sky. If later cards are found, you can be thrown into the mailbox by passersby, and the bride and groom will still get a nice postcard after the wedding. Very romantic.

Romantic Wedding With Romantic Decoration

Of course, a wedding is romantic because of the beautiful ceremony of the wedding rings . But this can be underlined by a great decoration. To use balloons as a decoration is a quite new idea, but is very gladly made on weddings. They can be either self-employed or commissioned by a professional. Great colors and shapes or balloons with glitter create great effects.