Rolled Dresses Shopping

The dress is the most feminine part of every woman’s wardrobe and we know that there are many models and styles, but the little darling is the dress worn.

Straight from the 50’s, its main feature is the waist a little more marked and the lower part more loose, modeling the body and leaving the look very feminine and with a romantic touch.

The swirled dress can be used in more formal events such as weddings and graduations, or in more informal places such as a birthday.

Contrary to what many people think, it is rather a versatile piece. You can create a romantic or funky look with ease, just invest in the right accessories or even add other clothes to the look, such as a leather jacket for the look and a thin belt for romantic production. It is a piece that has no error!

For you who can not stand a dress or want to adopt it in your visual, we elaborate some tips on how to use the piece with the style consultant Danyla Borobia.

How To Wear Dressed Robe In Fresh Looks

She thought of a fresh look, she thought of a dress. But how about giving a touch more in the visual with the dress rolled? The style consultant gives some tips: “The type of fabric and the accessories will give the tone of the style and the freshness of the look. Natural fabrics such as cotton, silk and linen are fresher because they let the skin breathe, as well as elegant and comfortable. ”

And to get a little out of the ordinary, she advises opting for white sneakers, metallized flatform, male-shaped shoes or ankle boots.

Dress Turned In Formal Looks

“Fine, natural fabrics and monochromatic compositions will leave the look more formal,” explains Danyla. The round dress can also look beautiful in the formal look, special attention is paid to the accessories: “to leave the look with more personality, you can cast off the look with a belt over the third piece, marking the waist well and eliminating Any volume in the trunk, since this dress tends to have volume at the bottom, “adds the consultant.

How To Wear Dressed Robe In Romantic Looks

The dress turned on its own is already a very romantic piece with a touch of femininity, but according to the style consultant, if it appears in floral patterns, poá or laces, lace or pastels, the look will have even more character romantic.

Party Dress

The round dress works great when it comes to partying. To facilitate the choice of look, Danyla gives some tips: “For nightly and more glamorous events are asked more elaborate dresses with glitters, transparencies, lace and necklines. The accessories and the make will tone the style. ”

How To Wear A Worn Dress With Pantyhose

As we have already said, the swirled dress is a very versatile piece and you can also wear it on cooler days, the trick is to bet on pantyhose. Write down some tips from the style consultant: “To lengthen the silhouette it is best to compose the color of the pantyhose or half three quarters, with the color of the shoe, boots, ankle boots or sneakers, so the look will be warm and the silhouette elongated. Remember that the shorter the skirt the longer the boot can be, and vice versa.

5 Passionate Dresses To Buy Online

Check out a selection of dresses swirled in different styles for you to buy online and sweep the look:

You can find several models of dress rolled, whether in print, all smooth, short or long. It can create productions of all tastes and styles.

More Inspiring Looks With Dress Rolled

If you still have not convinced yourself that this piece is right by matching different types of look, see more inspirational uses of the dress rolled:

The swirled dress is a model that favors every body type, so the tip is to choose your favorite length and print and to abuse the creativity when it comes to assembling the look.