Review HyperX Cloud II

Headset promises the ultimate video game experience with 7.1 surround virtual audio along with lightness and comfort.Check our analysis.

HyperX , already consolidated in the memory and SSD market, has all of its launches focused on high-performance hardware aimed at gamers.On February 9, the company announced another launch: the Cloud II headset, less than a year before the launch of its predecessor Cloud – which was sold for the first time in Brazil during the Brazil Game Show 2014. The new phone is expected to arrive in March in Brazil.

Kingston brings the HyperX Savage memory modules to Brazil

Visually, the Cloud II does not differ in anything from the predecessor, and remains very comfortable to use, lightweight and with excellent sound – only now optimized with powerful 7.1 surround sound power, giving much more emphasis to bass and treble, and more clarity in dialogues.Just to compare, the first Cloud had only 53mm drivers and yet it already played great audio and almost no noise.

Comfortable to use, with sturdy structure and powerful audio

It’s easy to “forget” that Cloud II is being used.Despite the structure consisting of two aluminum brackets, the headset features a foam coated bow that molds to the shape of the head according to use.The handset also comes with two pairs of ear cushions (which can be changed between): one with rubberized cover and one more velvety.Both offer great sound insulation.

You can also adjust the size of the bow and use the headset with or without the microphone, which is flexible and with a length of 15cm. The audio capture of it is digitally enhanced to make automatic magnification and it still has noise and echo cancellation function – thanks to a premium USB sound card.

The ear shells, as well as the bow, are also lined with memory foam technology, ie they adapt to the ears and head according to the length of use, thus avoiding that unpleasant sensation of some headphones that tighten constantly head and ears.

The microphone stem can be “plugged” into one of the headphones via an input P2.Talking more about the connectors, both P2 and USB output are plated in gold.The headset cable measures up to three meters long and is covered by nylon wires, which gives it more wear resistance than traditional plastic or rubber cables.

The extensor with USB, one of the great innovations of the Cloud II in relation to the predecessor, still has a control box for audio, where it is possible to adjust the sound volume of both the headphones and the microphone.By clicking the center button of the control, you can also change to the 7.1 surround system, which emulates the presence of seven drivers and extends immersion in games and music quality, in case of use on smartphones or tablets.

Cloud II adaptable for PS4 and Xbox One

And if it is a headset focused on gamers, it is not fair that the HyperX Cloud II was adapted for the consoles of the new generation, good for least for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. To connect the handset in the PS4 is quite simple, plug “the P2 output directly into the bottom of the control, adapt the microphone and the video game recognizes the handset automatically.Already for the Xbox One the recognition is also automatic, however, due to the difference of entry in the control of the console, it will be necessary to buy a separate adapter to connect Cloud II.


The HyperX Cloud II headset comes in three color options (black-red, black-graphite and white-pink).The suggested price in Brazil for the new model is R $ 499.A totally fair value for a headset that does not leave anything to the main competitors in the market.This is an expensive but excellent investment for players who want to have a great sound immersion for games.