Review Akg N60nc

We tested the headset that promises a unique experience of bass, treble and noise reduction in a product for day to day.Is it worth it?

AKG is already an old acquaintance of those looking for comfortable, high-performance headphones.The recently launched N60NC in Brazil, which has a new noise canceling system, can increase the performance of the product by 40% compared to previous models, according to the manufacturer.

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TechTudo has put the phone to the test and, despite the slightly more expensive price, most of the N60NC’s attributes are worth the investment.Comfortable to use over long periods, foldable, with specific cable to recharge the noise reducer and clean 360º audio, the product can be difficult only if you need to replace some of its unique connectors.Check out the full review.

Comfortable, excellent audio and noise reduction

One of the main problems of a headset, for those who usually make continuous use, often falls on its design.The AKG N60NC surprises by the comfort of a lightweight structure based on aluminum, leather and foam with memory, that is, that molds to the shape of the ears.Despite the simple look, the handset is sturdy, the earpieces are articulated with 3D axis and the foam material promises to last long without peeling.

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The audio does not reach professional levels, but it does not leave anything to be desired in everyday use and it has a clear 360º sound sensation, with distortion-free treble and powerful bass for a casual product.The headphone has frequency response from 10 Hz to 22 kHz, 32 Ohms of impedance and sensitivity of 123 dB SPL/V.In tests done in “noisy” environments, such as public transport, gym, on the street or even in the work environment, the N60NC has fulfilled its promise to isolate as much noise from outside.

To activate the noise canceling system, the main highlight of the model, simply activate a small key behind the left earpiece and you can already see its operation.Automatically, the regulator balances the external noise and softens its interference in the internal sound, which even in the last volume, does not present enough distortions that could detract from the experience, even though it “leaks” the audio a little.

The average use of the noise reduction system, when activated, is 30 hours of battery life.The time required for recharging can be up to one hour and the procedure specific cable is included in the product box.Just connect the P1 tip on the left earphone and plug the USB into a computer or even a mobile phone charger.

Cables, accessories and compatibility with PlayStation 4

The N60NC comes with a carry-on pouch, cable with P1 and P2 outputs with a microphone (1.2 meters), which makes it versatile for use in different smartphones on the market, and the USB charging cable.On the connectors, the two are nylon coated and both plugs and USB are gold plated, which makes them more resistant to oxidation.In the case of very exclusive cables, one of the negative points would be the difficulty of changing the kit in the event of a defect.In this situation, service must be activated to exchange or purchase new connectors.

In another test, the headphone performed well on the PlayStation 4, which has a P2 input on the basis of its control.Cleaner audio and reduced noise increased the feeling of immersion in games and sounds, which before could have gone unnoticed, became clearer.

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The N60NC is already sold in Brazil at online retailers and is a great choice for those who want a headset for daily use with high quality bass and treble, clean sound and very little external interference.The noise reduction system really does what it promises and with low battery consumption.Despite the suggested price of $ 1,299.00, which can be very expensive for most users, the product makes the investment worth, if you are really looking for high performance.