RENÉSIM in the Brienner – Tradition Meets Modernism

One of the oldest and most exclusive districts of Munich – the Brienner quarter, a quarter of the art and culture is located between the Odeon square, and the square of the victims of national socialism. With a history of over 200 years old, it testifies to a special charm, which combines the flair of the past with today’s modern. Classical buildings, great prospects, rich tradition and exquisite shops – the perfect location for a Munich jeweller with modern handwriting and a rich family tradition such as RENÉSIM.

RENÉSIM in the Brienner 3

Brienner Street, lined with magnificent Palais, ranks next to the Ludwig – Maximilian – and Prince Regent Street in Munich the most important. This unique location – as a point of intersection between the Residenz and Nymphenburg Palace – the Brienner quarters an attractive location exclusive traditional shops and farm suppliers that shape until today, the culture of the district made 200 years ago. In addition to the porcelain Manufaktur Nymphenburg and the Café Luitpold, which are among the oldest institutions in Munich, houses the quarter Meanwhile a unique mix of cafés, restaurants, cultural activities, old farm suppliers and a variety of exclusive shops.

The combination of tradition and modernity – a philosophy that we share with the Brienner district. Combined with ancient and loving details create spacious rooms, modern design, contrasting elements a unique, stylish atmosphere in the RENÉSIM store. It was created a place to linger in the world one Haute Joaillerie can experience first hand.

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Holly Blue – a Tribute to RenÉ Sim Lacaze

The Treasury, the secret heart of the store houses the signature piece of RENÉSIM: the Holly blue – a true masterpiece of the jeweler art, filled with over 500 bright sapphires. In addition to the most exceptional masterpieces there to discover – special collections, timeless classics and individual solutions for customers already created many more pieces of jewelry. High-quality materials and exquisite gems handmade beautiful pieces of jewellery, such as diamond rings, earrings, wedding rings or bracelets offer a unique shopping experience with a stylish ambience and the modern concept according to PHYSICSCAT.

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The store provides deep insights into the craft of jewelry, the history and philosophy of RENÉSIM, enriched with exciting digital content. A cosy bar and lounge area invites to interesting conversations around the subject of jewelry. At the rear of the store, personal consultations to jewellery and gemstone purchases take place – private but it in an open and relaxed atmosphere. Changing exhibits, versatility, transparency and informative events on topics such as the perfect engagement ring make the RENÉSIM store to a single institution.

With a 180 family tradition in the jewellery industry, RENÉSIM stands for 100% individuality, design according to old tradition of craftsmanship, personal advice and excellent service. Experience a unique discovery tour through the world of RENÉSIM and the traditional craftsmanship in our store.