Pressure Washer for Home Use

Learn how to choose a high-pressure washer.

Pressure Washer for Home Use
The high pressure washers are practical and efficient solutions to washing houses, cars, walls, roofs and more. The product advantages are many. The effort is much smaller. The right machine can save up to 80% of its water. You need to analyze the type of dirt, the area size and frequency of use. This product basically has two technical attributes: pressure and flow.

It is related to the force with which the water comes out of the machine. They are ideal to get stubborn dirt to be removed. Sporadic use: 1400 lbs or 1600 lbs Heavy use: 1750 lbs, 1850 lbs or more
Flow rate
It is related to the amount of water coming out of the machine per hour. A high-flow machine can clean light subject in large areas more easily.


– You should not only know the power of the machine, but also the power consumption;

– Some water cleaners have hot water. The main advantage, according to,  is that the heat speeds up the cleaning process. Also, it removes the need for chemicals and helps in removing heavy dirt;

– There are two types of motors in washing machines: universal and induction. Universal are lighter and cheaper. You can usually find them in smaller machines for home use. Since the induction motor has a more robust constitution, which results in greater strength and durability. They are used in heavy professional washers;

– Be aware of different accessories that can accompany your washer!