Polishes for Summer

Unobtrusive, fashion nails summer seems to have tired a bit intense vibrant shades and profusion of neon, and decided, in this season, go easy on them. The hits of the season will be the clear colored glaze, in pastels, which appear as the most muscular of 2011 ‘s hottest season.

Delicate and versatile, they allow a multitude of combinations. You can play, making an almost “combination unmatch’d” and use them next to a darker color, the same hue–type, pale pink and pink feet, or vice versa.

The wildest who have no fear of attention, can also join a new trend that has been propagated by celebrities from the world of fashion-how the blogger Julia Petit and the designer Adriana Barra-, to use a different color of enamel on each foot.Really, you need to be well advanced and fashionista to adopt the modinha, huh?

Bets are mostly in shades of coral, yellow, lilac and green. Also cold shades come into play, especially the nuances of blue, purple, gray, silver and black-despite the turnovers of hypados Nail Polish time, the summer 2011 also gives space for them.Anyway, for the reds, timeless, cannot be left out.

But anything will do to pass that fine enamel, super trend, if your hands and feet are barely care. Will only draw more attention to the problem. To avoid this, be on the lookout for tips:

-For your nails ressecarem not remove the glaze at least three days before going back to the manicure/pedicure.

-Use specific creams for the hands and feet. For the feet, the tip is to choose the containing ur going to in the formulation, that are more effective that common moisturizers.

–A habit–wrong–of most women is to use the sandpaper. That the friction, rather than refine the skin, makes them even more. Prefer vegetable bushings, exfoliating or known pumice stone.