Plus Size Women’s Long Tunics

Long tunics are the perfect companion in summer and during the summer vacation. They consist of a particularly lightweight fabric, which are airy and donate the best cooling with heat. The long tunic is a mixture of the famous tunic blouse and the beautiful dress. The long tunic is not only a wind resistant dress, but also short like a blouse. They often extend over the hips and stop at the upper thigh. Thus, you can wear the long tunic perfectly to shorts and leggings.

The long tunic is a summer must-have

At hot temperatures in the summer we hope airy clothes instead of tight clothes. There, a long tunic is perfect! The long tunic is a variant of the popular and airy tunic – the longer cut tunic is wide, airy light and flowing. The permeable fabric does not stick to the skin, let through light breezes and thus refreshes us on hot summer days. Great cuts, colors and summer patterns decorate the light fabrics. Many women love the tunic, because it concealed problem zones and caresses the feminine silhouette nevertheless. Sandals or lightweight boots fit wonderfully to the long tunic. It is perfect to complete the summer look with a straw hat, a large pair of sunglasses, and the bikini under the long tunic from

The long tunic shop now online

Whether bright or muted tones, white for the beach or in black for the club – the long tunic is available for many different occasions and circumstances. It is versatile and changeable. Do you like to buy at a particular online shop? Choose it from the left and all products in this category of the shops will be displayed. You can sort the large selection of long tunics even after price, color, size and brand. Simply filter the range with the filter function on the left and find your long tunic so faster and easier.