Play Sports? Meet 5 Watches Options Ideal for You!

A clock gives a special touch to any look. In the case of those who practice sports, is also an essential accessory for practice, that allows you to track performance, score goals and control the weather. Then separated some models that have special features for athletes, whether they are professionals or amateurs. Worth checking out!

Casio watch G-7710-1 -Male

This model was developed especially for those serious about sports, especially the race. The high precision of 1/1000 seconds of timer is ideal for those who practice sports of speed and allows you to save your time in memory to facilitate the control and the evolution of your performance. For travelers, the model comes with world time, pre-programmed to 48 different cities in the world, with priority for those who host the main automobile event: so you do not lose more time of their favorite races. Made of resin and stainless steel, the Casio G-7710-1 resists until 200 meters into the water. Is a watch for any sportsman get spinning!

Solar Battery Casio Watch -Men’s

This is the ideal watch for anyone who likes to practice outdoor sports. Solar powered, you will never be surprised by your clock without battery. Also comes with world time, which includes 31 time zones, and a timer with 2 days, great for those who like racing and hiking because it allows measuring time alternating between two different rhythms.

This model also has a power-saving system, which turns off the display when you are in an environment not illuminated, thus ensuring a better use of the battery!

Casio Baby-G Analog BGA200LP -Female

This is for the athletes, who did not give up a woman’s touch in time to play sports.

The template is super soft, available in pink, Brown and white. Has Leopard-skin prints discrete in the display and the bracelets, which give an elegant and bold at the same time to the clock.

He has 29 time zones, in addition to 2 dials-one analog and one digital – that resists up to 100 meters deep underwater.

Mormaii Watch M0902A/8R -Female

The model has a modern design and at the same time clean, perfect for women athletes who like discretion, without giving up the style. Traditional brand in the world, this model surf mormaii is water proof and and supports up to 10 ATM pressure. In addition, it has rubber strap which makes it great for beach and water sports, since no danger of corrosion with salt water or chlorine.

Watch Champion YOT -Unisex

Super versatile, the Champion comes with 3 different bracelets YOT to you vary the visual. There are 34 colors that you can purchase separately.

This model stands out for its exquisite and finishing by silicone bracelets, which provide maximum comfort on contact with the skin. Besides changing the bracelets, you can also release the creativity trading terminals that connect the display box, the colors of the closure, the passers-by and the rings of the “poussoirs” … is a different watch for every day!

Besides the essential functions as a stopwatch, world time, alarm and timer, it stores up to 99 events on the agenda and is fully customizable and with the reminder option. You will not forget any more commitment, and will still be in fashion for any occasion.

And there, ready to play sports with style? What’s your favorite model? Tell us in the comments!