Photo-Reportage: Gloves

For those who even bought gloves for the autumn and winter season begins it seriously about time. Manolo has selected five stylish models.

Top photo: Gloves in deerskin (495 kr, Hestra). Wool lined ytterrrock and kasshmir from the Nitty Gritty (4995 USD)

Peccaryskinn belongs to the most exclusive of the qualities of the glove leather. Peccary is a South American wild boar, whose skins are characterized by smaller cavities from vildsvinets hairline as well as scratches from twigs and branches. The leather is as soft as durable. Gloves in luxurious Peccaryskinn (1995), bag Palm Branch ($ 3995).

For those who want to find affordable leather gloves is a good tip to find second hand. Call the quality carefully so that it does not show any cracks or discoloration. It is also a good tip is to look for gloves that are hand sewn, which clearly reflects the quality. Vintage gloves (250 kr, fire station), overcoat Nitty Gritty, shirt Mastai Ferretti (1195 kr, Nitty Gritty).

Gloves of Peccary and braided top (£ 1495, glove company), overcoat Nitty Gritty, scarf Luigi Borrelli (private).

To increase the life span is a tips from to stretch out the gloves after use so that they do not lose their shape. Gloves nappa (995 kr Ravel), portfolio Palm Branch (3995 USD)

Retail outlets:
All gloves (apart from vintage gloves) comes from the Palm Branch, Sibyllegatan 7.
Nitty Gritty, Krukmakargatan 24-26
Fire station, Krukmakargatan 22