Personalized Watches

The LED watches are one of those objects that in the era of smart phones are not used much now, and are turning more and more in clothing accessories, like jewelry, to change and daily match – they are cost is therefore very useful.

Personalized Watches 1

Combining design and a bit ‘of verve – in addition to the affordable price – these May 28th, I discovered about Design Mom. But above all, you can customize.

Personalized Watches 2

Instawatch is the system with which to design a clock starting from their Instagram photos (great gift idea! And if you do not want to risk it, you can even give a gift card). Let’s face it: why make people do when we design we can do it by themselves?

Personalized Watches 3

It’s really very simple, with a few clicks choose your photos from Instagram, select the band and it’s done: This below is a series of tests that I enjoyed doing with my Instagram – my bellyful of last night’s strawberries, graffiti aircraft that drops bombs in Southsea, the entrance to the beach at Torre Quetta to Bari. what do you say, let him be born one of these watches?!