Party Earrings They Absolute Reign

A festive look without earrings is a look incomplete. You may not use rings, for example, but the earrings make a lot of difference in production, draw attention to the face, light and highlight any dress.

Big earrings or small?

Is an accurate statement: we are in the era of the big earrings. In any case, we know that each woman is unique and the personality of each one says a lot about your choices.

If you are the kind of discreet woman who always opts for neutral and the day to day chooses clothes that don’t call attention, may be you don’t feel very comfortable using a huge earring. In this case, do not worry, the earrings small probably will be better on you.

For women with short neck, small earring is also the best option.

The earring color has to be like the dress?

The party earrings don’t need sound sets with the dresses, they must “talk” with the rest of the production.

In choosing the color, look for different colors of the color of your hair. If the hairs are dark, look for lighter earrings and vice versa.

All accessories must match the earrings?

More or less! First, run the pantsuits. You don’t use the bag and shoe equal, so you don’t have to wear pantsuits accessories too. If the party earrings are colored or have two different types of stones or metals, you can combine other accessories from with the same colors or with any of the shades present in them.

Where to buy Earrings?

In Contemporary Jewelry Francisca you find dozens of models of women demanding party earrings and with good taste. Check out the showcase we prepared for you:

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