Party Dresses

Tips For Choosing Party Dress-2014 Trends

The fashion party’s diversified today. Before Nice was wearing a long gown full of embroidery and a wealth of information at the same time and that short dress was not formal, today these principles have changed a lot. Check out some tips to hit the choice of dress, following the trends for summer 2014:

For starters, long dresses are still, Yes, very pretty, but if you are going to a party as a simple guest, unless it’s a very chic celebration, like a big wedding, you can go without fear, with a short dress. Bet on regatão type models, without too many details in the cut, just neat in embroidery. With same color or flat sequin merged forming designs, this is a strong bet.

Now, if you need a long dress, if you are a senior or an elegant party, bet on which blend fine fabrics and laces, beyond the transparents light, which make the greatest success. Back outside with transparency over revenues let the sultry without being vulgar, going to a party during the day, since the color is soft. Prefer the fluffy skirts, in the format evasê to give a touch more romantic.

The models with high neckline and waist well marked are great for those who want to enhance the shoulders and to show the hip. Very good for those who have more square body. The model in plain fabric with many details of draping and frills as well worth the investment.