Pajamas for Couples

The question may seem silly, but do you choose your pajamas? I mean, you know well you dress the night?

Ah ah…
good question.

Pajamas, it is above all a garment, in which one must feel good, a garment which should represent our personality, please us … Even the texture is important. Whether velvet, satin, silk or fleece, you will never look the same as the chosen pajamas. Besides, never choose pajamas based on its aesthetics but first in terms of comfort it gives you. If the satin is glamorous, it sticks to the skin tears easily… While the fleece is soft, warm and relatively solid.

That said, once the texture chosen, you are quite right to choose pajamas that you like from a purely aesthetic point of view. Everything is of course to choose clothes for sleeping that fits you.
I’m not saying you’re ugly, too fat or whatever else unpleasant, but all is not for everyone, let’s be honest about this topic . For example, baby dolls: some women wear like a glove, others, conversely, will look bundled up in satin prisons. What seems good on paper does not necessarily we will once at home and in these cases, our ego takes a big hit! So rather than darken, do not hesitate to ask his opinion to a saleswoman who will judge you objectively, without malice or false kindness and ensure above all to advise you.

Contrary to what one might say, it’s not because we are a couple that we must necessarily meet the dress fantasies sir. He loves Bunny costumes, but so far, you do not disguise them you naughty rabbit to the office is not it? Well regarding the pajamas, it is similar. He dreams to see you wearing a nightie uncomfortable? Do not let them. Explain your refusal and, if possible, make some compromise, even go together to the store and take the time to look at what two would you best.