How to Use: Halloween Looks

Today, the 31st, I decided to anticipate a little how to use (which usually comes on Thursdays) to give ideas to the girls who will participate in thematic parties. Even though it is Halloween, a celebration borrowed from the Americans, a lot of people enjoy to make great parties with the theme! In addition to the costumes, I’ve selected videos with makeup and nail art tutorials to inspire you! Continue reading

How to Use Women’s Moccasin

One of the most current fashion trends that there are the moccasins, a type of footwear that has always been used by men and now also exists for women. With these shoes you can create the image of a casual, urban and modern woman breaking through the barrier that separates the masculinity of femininity. In this article by Our site Let’s count how to use women’s moccasin so you can make the most of this type of shoe and stay in fashion.

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4 Use Store: Clothing and Accessories Online!

Picture the scene … You need to renew the closet or simply want a new accessory to give that “up” on look of the day then, for that, you take the car and go to a real marathon in trade:terrííível, is a transit hours running in search of a spot to Park , passes in front of all the Windows but nothing attracts and you end up coming home empty-handed. The result of all this effort? Gastritis nervous! Hahahahaha! Continue reading

How to Use: Stamps Chess

The skirts of the Scots and the flannel shirt of the woodcutters are inspirations for this pattern that came back with everything in the 90’s with grunge. Chess, for me, is the stamp of winter. In fact, any winter. Arriving this colder season, we need prints that bring us back to coziness. Chess lately has been quite used in the summer as well, but I prefer to wear it in winter, especially if it is flannel texture. Continue reading