Bungalow Tent

Are large Tents and are, visually, the more like a House. Typically have two or more rooms and indoor environments that also serve as a shelter on rainy days.The kitchen can be installed in this space or on the porch configured with a breakthrough tent cover.This model is typically used to house families in camps of easy transport. This type of tent is heavy for your size, for its thick and large and linings are owning the frame of aluminum or galvanized steel.

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Make a Stylish Nail Art in Shades of White and Red


If you are passionate about glazes and love always have their eyes on you, what could be better than two beautiful manicured hands and sensual? I will teach you to make a stylish nail art on the tones of white and red suits women and girls of all ages. I chose two colors that never fade, are fine at any time of the year and annually accompany any fashion. The realization is simple average, a little patience will be enough for a great final effect. The cost is negligible, and especially compared to the price of beauty center, is practically nil. An operation of this kind would make you spend a minimum 20/25 Euro.

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Bracelets Tell Stories!

We live in a time when the cool thing is to differentiate. The European already do this with ease. No wonder their looks run the world and serve as inspiration for a lot of people. And this personalization trend has gained strength in fashion. Started with Nike and the possibility to create your template with colors and even your own name. Hence, don’t stop!

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An Eye on the Trend: Oversized Stone Earrings

The WGSN website-specialist in research and trend analysis for the fashion and style industries – recently published in your page a tendency, which appeared with strength on the international catwalks during fashion shows autumn/winter 2013-14: are the “giant gemstones earrings”, translating, earrings with large stones. Rubies, diamonds, emeralds and amethysts are the stakes of the WGSN for the season, bringing a return of ladylike style also for the jewels. And the best: this trend may be adapted to the “real life”, with pieces of impact and that transform any look. Continue reading

Check out 4 Safety Tips When You’re Camping

Camping is a fairly common activity among travelers and adventurers to extreme sports enthusiasts. Get in touch with nature, exploring new places and discover amazing landscapes are experiences that motivate campers to bet on different destinations. After all, in the summer or winter, not lacking in Brazil are amazing itineraries, isn’t it?

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Coats that Saw Tents

There are several types of tents for camping. Some of them we’ve seen around here: air tent, GEODESIC tent, tent for bikers… Not to mention in the more traditional types: igloo, Canadian, tubular. But it seems that “tent for camping” is an inexhaustible field in terms of creativity.
The news that we are now the “coats-tents”. Searching the internet, we learned that there are two projects of this type: the Vessel Coat Tent and the JakPak.

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Winter Fashion Clothing for Pregnant Women 2017

With the arrival of the cold it is time to take the warmest clothes from the bottom of the wardrobe, but if you are pregnant rarely these clothes will fall well on you, and so to help you make the best choices and not get out of fashion on cold days, we bring some winter fashion tips to pregnant 2017 with super modern and comfortable clothes for you.

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Red Party Dresses 2016: Intense Color For Spring

Strength, attraction, life, courage, stamina, passion, many are the adjectives to define a color as intense as the red color, definitely a color that leaves no one indifferent. As for fashion, red is an enigmatic, enchanting color, any clothes for more simple, turns on an intense red color. That’s why I use a pretty party dress in red, is a guaranteed hit, the attraction that carries the color attached to a beautiful and unique design will make you the center of any meeting. Long, short party dresses with lace, with stones, with gauze, etc. A whole world to a brazen woman and sure of herself. From Tips on fashion, we want to show a selection of what we consider the best red party dresses for spring-summer 2016. Continue reading

Toys Of The 80

I love my children and I’m very happy with toys of the 80 who have returned to be manufactured. Here at home we have some of them but many really don’t exist anymore and leave Miss. Remember doing several picnics with friends at the play and we take our popcorn machine, was a success, how much happiness watching those popcorn jumping. In addition to the popcorn machine, loved the refresqueira that we put water. I have a feeling that my childhood was hotter than the childhood of children today. Continue reading