Here in the category, there is a wide range of strings, for women from a range of many different online shops. Strings are not only super sexy, but also extremely practical. You are not and can therefore easily be worn under tight trousers and fitting dresses. You can find string thongs or string panties at us in different colors, different brands, as well as in several designs.

Google Glass Enhance Its Hardware, Now with Twice as Many Memory RAM

The Google Glass they have not stopped improving since its first version for developers was launched a year ago. In all this time have been improving their software, adding many functional, extending your battery 20% more and making a 10 percent faster queries from vocals, and improved hardware, and your design by adding in its second revision saddles compatible with prescription lenses and a headset connection. Continue reading

Large sizes: swimwear

It’s bikini season again and this also means that desperately needs a new bikini here! The new models of the coming season are again decorated with dazzling designs. Swimwear immediately recalls the best time in the year. Weekends at the Lake, long-awaited summer holidays by the sea and great days on the beach are enjoyed with her. The feel-good factor is most important in a bikini. A woman should feel completely comfortable and safely enjoy the day at the beach. For larger sizes and curvy women, there are great models that conceal small problem zones.

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Canvas sneaker

Canvas sneaker can be combined with any casual outfit. The lightweight fabric shoes with the mostly white rubber sole is the perfect summer shoe! But also for the transition period, or for casual occasions a canvas shoe the right choice. Combine a solid, simple shoe to a fancy outfit or choose a patterned pair for a funky Festival outfit. There’s a huge range of styles and the matching canvas sneaker for every type and occasion.

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A New Picture of The Smartwatch for LG

Android Wear is one of the great expectations that we have seen throughout this 2014, with LG G Watch and Motorola Moto 360 as first devices in enjoy it. You see light approaching and for sample rumors them, each time more both in quantity and quality are.

The protagonist of the article is the smartwatch for LG, since it has come to light a pretty quality image where forms can be seen, as well as an initial screen to communicate the need for Android Wear in our terminal to start the device. If still you have not clear within the meaning of the term Android Wear, in this article it is explained with all kinds of detail. Continue reading

Maternity dresses

There’s gorgeous maternity dresses. The online shops show that maternity must be no longer boring. For every occasion, you will find the most suitable: If your maternity dress should be festive, comfortable or suitable rather for the day at the beach, you know best. Easily you can find a dress for pregnant women in the fashion Finder, if you sort for example by price, shop, or color. So, your fashionable maternity dress is home quite quickly with you.

Google Auto Link, Apple CarPlay Competition Would Be Presented in The Google I/O 2014

Very beginning of the year Google announced the Open Automotive Alliance, an Alliance for take Android to cars with the collaboration of Audi, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai and NVIDIA, but since then nothing more has been up to this week.

Website Autonews reports that Google would present the coming week during Google I/O 2014 your own solution to carry the Android OS to cars with Auto Link, but would not be a complete system but a “projection” system like Apple CarPlay. Continue reading

Leather bags

Leather bags are characterized by their material. Leather is a lightweight but at the same time robust material, which helps your pocket to a long life. A leather bag is the ideal companion for many shopping trips or traveling.

Pressy, The Official Application Now Available in Google Play

Few people do not know yet the customizable button functions able to locate on our terminal headphones jack. Pressy has given its last steps out its official implementation in Google Play, so already we will only need the device as such to start enjoying it.

To activate the Pressy We scan your QR code either write your code, being one of the five steps you have to complete to set up and learn how to use both the button and the application. Its design is as we saw in photos and videos Continue reading

Large sizes: jeans

The classic among the pants: Jeans! There is probably no one who are no jeans in the closet has! As this piece of clothing is so difficult, choosing the right jeans for plus size can be so popular: the leg length, the waist, the elasticity of the fabric and the amount of the Federal Government make the choice! Find in our selection that you are looking for: trend items with eye-catching sponging with cool rivets or trendy jeans with cracks and holes. Or plus size of jeans dark denim and straight. This classic can be perfectly combined, and are also still wonderfully comfortable. Bridgat simplifies the search friends and brings together the whole range of jeans in large sizes of the most popular shops and brands on one side!

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Halter swimsuits

In this category you will find swimsuits with bound neck straps, the so-called Halter swimsuits. Especially popular in the bikinis, this section also at this swimwear forms a beautiful décolleté. You have to decide now is for a model. And that’s not easy: swimsuits by Gilda or Heine, plain or colorful, expensive or cheap? Browse the range of online stores and use the filter feature to find the perfect swimsuit.