Oversized Links Chains

Doo jewellery completely reinterprets the classic links chain.The young label from Pforzheim used the individual links as design elements and thus this at the Centre of the design.

The links satisfy not only the purpose to keep the chain together, to shape and to serve as attachment for pendants, but the individual links are the real eye-catcher-the pendant, which would adorn conventional links chain. The limbs are held together by a round snake chain, which Shimmers silk matt and exudes cool elegance.

Doo jewellery created a style from “Coolness with charm”, and has thus found a perfect definition for the expression of the jewelry collection.

The sections are manufactured from plastic in hand work and make a successful contrast that looks very modern in composition with the metal of round chain. The word “Plastic” in the ears of the viewer has a first negative, the material in this combination and this design undergoes a special appreciation to a piece of jewelry.

In addition to the links chains even I find exceedingly successful image images because here is broken with conventions: instead of a typical fashion models, the protagonist and wearer of the limbs chains is a characterful woman. As presented, the jewelry represented sympathetic and mostly wearable without seeming arrogant by the “coolness”.

If you want to know more about Doo jewellery, but the Links bracelet and the portrait of the designer duo look at.

Want to know where you can buy the pieces of jewelry? You will find more information on the Web page of Doo jewellery.