Outfit Je M’appelle

The weather does not fit again, but I want to show you my new things already today, because I am in love! Some time ago I became the Onlineshop out site if I would not like to try a few products. When I looked at the onlineshop a little closer, I realized very quickly that the things just fit perfectly to me. I love the French language (even though I have hardly left anything after 2 years of French lessons) and the cool sayings on the shirts! The trendy parts are very sporty cut and I noticed, this look I have worn for years! I used to often wear this loose shirt, where you showed a shoulder, and usually sneaker. After my first office job, however, the whole had changed and my shirts were replaced by blouses and high heels. Now I’m doing my second training and try to adapt to the clothing.

The Onlineshop out site has its seat in the Netherlands and impresses with the great designs and a really good quality! The shipping to Germany is only 3.95 € and the return is even free of charge. When I chose the things, I did not expect such a good quality, since the prices are relatively cheap. When I first held the things in my hands, I was positively surprised, the quality really convinced me and the things are also incredibly good! In the Onlineshop there is a really big selection, you can choose between Shirts, Sweaters, Tanks, Dress, Lucky Socks, Black Days and Haman. At Jemapelle there is often a 3 = 1 deal, where you can buy up to three items at the price of one. Normally I do not like onlineshops, since I find that the quality there is usually a bit worse, but this time I can recommend it to you only warmly, if you like the style! Since I did not want to present all the shirts individually, but in a look, today the first shirt is beautifully sporty combined.How do you like my look? How do you find the onlineshop of jemappelle?