Outfit 3 Weeks after Birth

Three weeks after the birth, I remain my first fashion look for you again the lens and shooter. My first outfit is not quite as spectacular after childbirth. I must accustom myself namely again without my beloved baby bump to shoot. I think the look with a bullet just completely different acts. It looks simply always sweet as a pregnant woman. Now that the belly is gone, I have to get me for the first time used I also back cool and casual can look.

At my current dress choice, I have to keep in mind but still something. It is not the 3 kg, which I had for 3 weeks on the ribs more than at the beginning of the pregnancy. No, it’s this the topic of breastfeeding. My clothes must either very loose or give another possible to breastfeed. On this occasion I decided on my today’s outfit for the loose blouses top from Zara. Combined I’m really casual with a comfortable pair of jeans and my chucks. Now I realize I am the only on flat soles. During pregnancy you should switch to flat shoes and then you want to wear them only. Finally, our little Prince wants to be worn through the world, as long as he can still do not themselves run. And then the mommy will need to chase well. So I make friends me now therefore, to wear only flat shoes the next years. Like you mean first outfit after giving birth? If your mother already since, how often carries her high heels?