Outdoor Barbecue Area


  1. External area-decoration
  2. Outdoor area with barbecue and swimming pool
  3. External area with grill small
  4. Outside kitchen with BBQ

Those who like to get together with friends and always celebrate life, enjoy an outdoor area to place a barbecue. So today we’ll talk a little bit of that part of the house which can be as well used for various purposes.

BBQ options for external area are numerous, can you do a little barbecue in a simple porch, or build a whole area in the garden or in the yard, enjoying the space.

Outside Area Decoration

It’s not because it’s out of the house to the outside does not have to receive a beautiful decoration. You can make a rustic decor to make mention of a country house, in contact with nature.

So you can put a wood table with little finish, decorative objects like bottles and moringas, clay pots and etc.

Of course you can also do a modern ambience by putting up an electric barbecue, in place of the conventional. In this case, the environment must be ceramic or porcelain tile floors, and if possible, the wall must also be coated.

Outside Area Decoration

Barbecue and Swimming Pool

When the grill is in an area that is an extension of the pool, the location has to be more laid back, ends up being an environment to meet friends, make a lunch on Sunday enjoying a pool.

In this case can be more colorful, no pads, since it is a place where people will get wet and sit. Prefer wooden benches or chairs of plastic or aluminum.

Between the pool and the barbecue has a grassy area or with earth, avoid white floor because it’s going to be visible all the dirt that comes in the footwear of people that pass through this area.

Outdoor Barbecue Area 1

Small Grill

It’s not because your yard is small, or you just have a balcony outside that you won’t make your barbecue. The difference is that in this case the ideal size, preferably masonry.

To enjoy more the spaces, you must enclose stools instead of chairs and dumbwaiters. If you really don’t have much space, don’t do sink and stove or place, leave that part to put a marble stone and serve as a counter so you can cut the meat or seasoning, prepare the grill.

Outdoor Barbecue Area 2

Outside Kitchen

Many people prefer to use the external area like the kitchen, so don’t even need hood, since the smoke and grease have nowhere to spread. There you can enjoy and do next to a barbecue cooker.

This type of cuisine is very practical because it ends up being spacious and leaving an open space in the inner area of the house, where would be the kitchen can be made a World Cup, or even a built-in kitchen, only smaller.

In this case, the table can be larger, since this will be an area to receive the family and do some events, but need to have a resistant material, since barbecues usually have heavier utensils that common kitchen utensils.

Outdoor Barbecue Area 3