Of the Tube Until the Bootcut: Jeans for All Occasions

On travel Combined with striped Turtleneck, brighter Couture jacket in trench style and big bag is the dark blue jeans with flip ideal for on the go. To fit high heels as well as flat-soled shoes. Jacket set, approximately 200 euro. Jeans by J brand, about 230 euros. Jumpers by Drykorn, about 70 euros. Bag by Belstaff. Sunglasses and watch: Gucci. Arm 0: Christian. Pumps: Tod’s.

To the Vernisage Cool style: a Tuxedo Jacket is worn to the very narrow-cut jeans. So that the outfit is then not too fine, you just pull a white T-Shirt underneath. Slim cut Blazer by warehouse, about 110 euros. Skinny jeans with white stitching by Filippa K., approx. 180 euro. T-Shirt by anvil organic, about 10 euros. Handbag: Sisley. Pumps: Paco Gil.

At the cocktail White jeans remain trend also in the winter, they are anyway perfect for the evening. For example with a fitted black jacket and a sequined top. Wool Blazer with classic cut of selected Femme, about 130 euros. Narrow five-Pocket jeans by Joker, approx. 140 euro. Tank top by Sisley, about 50 euros. Pumps: Paco Gil.

The city trip Exclusivity meets understatement: a wide V-sweater and a white blouse are carried to the classic cut jeans. This outfit is enhanced by the striking large coat pocket and the patterned scarf. Sweater with shirred cuffs by French connection, approx. 80 euro. Jeans with straight leg Levi’s, about 110 euros. White blouse by Mexx, about 50 euros. Bag from Céline. Cloth: H & m Bracelet: Cartier. Watch: Gucci.

For every day A duo, with which one is well-dressed in the Office as well as for the appointment for lunch: white jeans, combined with a classic blue and white striped shirt. Nice to do so: the two-tone pumps. Waisted blouse by Gerry Weber, about 100 euros. Jeans with flip by Wrangler, about 90 euros. Bangle: Christian. Watch: Gucci. Pumps: Sacha London.

The Sunday invitation Romantics with ruffle blouse and a classic cashmere – wearing the ankle-length, narrow five-Pocket jeans Cardigan. The big bag must be then quietly something sporty. Pink blouse by Vero Moda, approx. 30 euro. Black jeans by designer remix collection, approximately 170 euros. Light grey Cardigan from Alma, about 130 euros. Handbag Citybag: Tod’s. Pumps: Paco Gil.

At the business meeting In a jeans suit, when it officially? No problem, this is classically tailored and combined with a refined button blouse made from silk and beautiful peep-toes. Dark blue suit with tailored Blazer by NUDIST, approximately 470 euros. Blouse with a floral pattern of an appanage, about 100 euros. Bags by Fay. Peep-toes by Paco Gil.

To the shopping Casual, yet classy—to the wide jeans the narrow, white wool jacket with large lapels and a thin tunic blouse with high collar look especially nice. Cardigan jacket of mango, about 100 euros. Cream colored blouse with button placket and dark blue jeans by Marc O’Polo, approximately 100 euros and 150 euros. Sunglasses: Yves Saint Laurent. Handbag: Minx.

Manufacturer proofs

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Photos: Marc Sante production: Christiane Graf hair and make-up: Aaron Lafrenz/Bigoudi an article from BRIGITTE 19/08