Novelty Kitchen Decor with Gum

We’ve done another story showing bathrooms decorated with lozenges and pleased so much that we decided to show other interesting options for you to wear pads on your home and decorate it with great style and good taste.

Novelty Kitchen Decor with Gum

The pills are a trend in decorating that attracts more and more people, since they are super beautiful and practical, giving a new face to the environments. The idea we brought today is for decoration of kitchens with gum! Yes! Kitchens are a great place to apply the glass pads (or ceramic) since they are easy to clean and look great is just one piece of the wall behind the sink or entire walls.

Novelty Kitchen Decor with Gum1

Kitchens Decorated with Gum-Tips

As we talked over pads in the decoration of bathrooms, some interesting options for use of the inserts are putting them on entire wall, or play in the choice of places, put in strips wider than roam an entire wall for example, or mix two colors, “peppering” a pellet of a color to each multiple of another color.

Novelty Kitchen Decor with Gum2

Even rows of a single tablet of width gives an interesting guy for your kitchen, which are a very good idea for those who want to save a little. Another economical option, suggested by Phoenixwallclocks, is to use a wall clock on the wall over the sink.

Novelty Kitchen Decor with Gum3

A couple of rows of the same color in parallel (or different color, depends on your taste!) is very stylish and gives a touch of modernity and sophistication to the kitchen. Use creativity and innovate the use of the gum! A thin strips horizontal, vertical line, coloured inserts, what matters is to leave the kitchen with your face and your taste.

Pictures of kitchens Decorated with Lozenges

Now that we have several tips on how to use glass inserts in the decor of your kitchen, it’s time to get inspired with the gallery of photos we’ve prepared.