Night Lighting Ideas

Has it already happened? Either it is completely dark or you will come to a doorway and the light of the large round house number light makes it not only bright, it pierces literally in your eye.Glare can make it difficult to consider unpleasant. All the more important is a good lighting design for the entrance area. You can prevent direct glare from wall lights while sufficient brightness at the entrance care.

Night Lighting Ideas

Generally is some evidence sufficient to install lighting at your front door. It offers security and protection against Pitfalls come home. Your visitors find their way easily. And the taxi driver or postman will thank you when he quickly finds the entrance, the nameplate or the bell. You even do not have to fret about the uncomfortable finding the keyhole or the key itself.

Well-Lit Entrance

For existing canopies, it is advisable to implement a night lighting concept with weatherproof downlights. These night lights ensure, with sufficient lighting radius for excellent general lighting. The light guide acts contrary to uplights very natural and there is no danger to look into the lamps. The lighting fixture itself recede and their effective light provides enough brightness at the entrance.When installing the wide-beam downlights, make sure that they have a not too great a distance from the wall. Otherwise, there is the possibility of their own shadows to be hindered.

Quick Orientation

Forget in no case the illumination of the house number. For orientation for their visitors or even in an emergency, this is essential! The labeling of self-luminous house numbers should not be less than 10 cm. When illuminated house numbers we recommend twice the size. By the way – in some places in Switzerland, Austria and Germany is a self-luminous marking for homeowners mandatory. During any lights outside
to mark and nameplate. The minimum degree of protection for the lights should not be less than IP 44 (protection against penetration of foreign bodies and splash). A big advantage offer outdoor lights with twilight switch. They are activated automatically when tilts daylight. At a certain brightness value it off in the morning again. Alternatively, the outdoor lighting can also be combined with a timer so the lights only at fixed times served its purpose.