Newspaper Nails – Check out the Step by Step

Nails are the real passion of many women out there. Those are not rare, decided to abandon the manicure and take care of your nails at home. But for every week have a new look is need in addition to a lot of creativity, dedication. Today we will teach you how to make the famous newspaper nails.

If you are tired of nails in a single color, or of the same sticky flowers, this post is for you!

For the nails of you journal will use:

Enamel white or light;



Alcohol and acetone;

Nail file;



Strengthener or boring.

A plastic container.

How to make:

1) have a “General” on your nails!

Is of extreme importance, first of all, that you let your nails perfectly clean: sanding, taking the cuticles and end any remnant of the old enamel. Here you will use the basic products like, nail file, nail polish remover, cotton and pliers.

2) Paint them!

Now that your nails are clean, use the glaze chosen to make the bottom of the paper. I suggest the white enamel or income that will give a more delicate touch to the painting. You can paint how many layers you want until you reach the desired tone.

3) newspaper Clipping.

After waiting your nails stay dry, cut the squares of paper that you will use in the painting. The squares should be a little larger than the size of your nails to make sure that the letters will cover her completely.

4) Make a newspaper on your nails!

In a relatively large container (your nails should fit without problems), put a little alcohol. Water a nail at a time to avoid that the alcohol evaporates and the effect goes wrong. Press one of the pieces of paper against your wet nail and hold on tight. Try to keep the role property so that the letters don’t crap. If you want you can wet a cotton alcohol and put it on top of your nail with the paper to ensure that the letters come out pretty strong.

After pressing the paper against your nail for some time, no more than a minute, you can already get it and the lyrics are already on your nails!

5) the finishing touch!

Choose a colorless base of your preference and pass a layer on each nail. She will serve as protection for the lyrics avoiding that they leave earlier than expected.

As you can see, have nails of newspaper is very easy and Nice. Don’t forget to show your nails of newspaper to us in the comments!