New Headphones Playstation with 3D Audio Arriving

Despite the design being very similar to previous exclusive brand headphones, these 3D sound and range.

We already knew from the PlayStation Meeting this year that new headphones Surround a renewed line to the PlayStation Pro 4 were on their way. Finally, Sony revealed to date, price and features of the new device that will have the ability to play your own 3D audio technology.

The new wireless headphones Platinum Wireless Headset will have the ability to reproduce Virtual Surround 7.1 sound. The ability to emulate 3D sound is the same as that already exists for the system PSVR. These headphones, but don’t need the little box that device emulator.

This 3D audio technology allows the sound to the 360 º virtualized, creating the illusion of direction and distance, even in the vertical plane. Check out this video of the Naughty Dog talks of this headset, brief explanations of this technology. And know that Uncharted 4 will have an update to support this new device and your 3D audio technology.

In terms of operation, will be quite similar to our well known headphone Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0, including compatibility with your Headset Companion application on PS4. And also are visually similar, the main difference being the design with your aluminum parts, especially the frame in brushed aluminium. Even the buttons seem to be in the same location. And, unfortunately, it seems that the microphone is still embedded in the handset … anyway …

As for the price, wait something similar to release value of previous models, 160 us dollars (price to confirm here in Euros, but will be in the order of €150). The your launch is scheduled for the day January 2017 12 worldwide.