Navy with a Twist

Turns and moves, when I’m kind of silly, I like to open the locker, choose a theme and play new combinations. The joke ends up being a great way to get to know better what we already have and exploring all the possibilities of our closet.

Other than that, it’s at times like this, when we’re not suffering from the pressure of time to get ready (not with her husband in door repeating that we’re already late) that the best ideas of looks appear. There’s just people shooting to never forget and then use those moments of despair.

Having said all that, before I go to Brazil (and cut my hair) I had one of those afternoons hanging out and I decided to challenge myself with one of my favorite themes: navy.

When we think of navy the first thing that POPs in my head is: jeans and striped shirt, right? Well, the idea that my afternoon hanging out was just running away from the obvious. So, here are the 5 looks that came out a few hours of creative leisure.


The first idea you have about a particular subject is usually also the most obvious. Therefore, nothing more natural than to start with the basics, the safer choice. As I was about to go to Brazil, I set up a look with little summer and heat: short shorts + Jersey + sandals. All classic us navy: blue and white tones. All loose and fresh as the summer in terrinha.

To make the thing with a little more personality, replacing the traditional striped for a chess very tiny. Also I took a look at make, with eyeliner and red lipstick (as navy!) and finished with the straw hat (so summer!).

  1. Literally Navy

I had no way of thinking about navy, open the, look at that skirt and not booting her from the rack and put on immediately. She has small print, people! More navy IMPOSSIBLE.

This skirt was a find. I thought the Sissy in a garage sale of a granny that was moving and getting rid of things. I think it cost about 50 cents.

The coolest thing is that despite an obvious connection to the topic, she passes far from obvious. These pieces that I will use with care.

As she is compridinha, found that a touch of youthfulness was going to fall well. So, I decided to combine it with a top cropped to leave a little bit of the belly out. The frilled top side were the perfect bridge to the feminine style of super acinturada.

Then it was just choose right the accessories to complete the look: round bag with man-vintage hat and mirrored glasses to balance and give a modern tone.

  1. Pure Elegance

Navy usually has weekend guy on the beach. We almost never think of navy and work together. A shame because the two combine both!

To prove it, I grabbed a striped t-shirt and combined with a fluid and more compridinha. The satin fabric gave a touch more chic to all thing.

The knot on my blouse was carefully positioned so as not to show nothing at all, but at the same time a young and relaxed atmosphere.

Besides the striped blouse, I decided to take a turbocharged in the navy and I chose this rope necklace to complete the look.

  1. Navy Minimalist

Take the navy blue and let him pale, almost pale gray. Okay, maybe I’m pushing a little bit, but ok, the idea is to try, right? I’m counting on the power of abstraction of you.

After that I joined the skirt with white shirt, I thought the combo was with the face of student and could not resist the temptation to include a backpack.

Well-behaved person face, huh?

  1. Stripes And BALLS

Now yes! My favorite joke: match prints. You remember the post about all the things I’ve learned by mixing prints? Because there I spoke as stripes are your best friends at the time of the mash.

Here I decided to combine them with balls (the second pattern easier to combine) for a look with a face more nightlife, perfect for a nice dinner.

I love mixing prints because the result is always unusual, far from obvious. To finish, I chose a red pumps and kept the rest of the accessories in black not to exaggerate the amount of information the look.

And a red lipstick that doesn’t hurt anybody.

Now you’re talking this afternoon was not productive.