Nappa Skirts for Different Occasions

The Skirts With Napa Are A Must In The Woman’s Closet And Are Extremely Easy To Conjugate, So Find Out All The Tips To Know How To Use Them On Different Occasions

Napa has been one of the most relevant materials in fashion of recent times. Applied to all pieces of clothing, this material has accompanied the latest trends and served as inspiration for various designers. Napa skirts are now a must in a woman’s closet, are extremely easy to conjugate, especially when they are in black tones and are also suitable for formal occasions or not.

At this season, the most fashionable leather skirts are miniskirts and are wrapped in biker elements , creating a more urban and grunge style. However, lapel pencil skirts are also very relevant and are correct for any age, depending on how they are combined.

For informal occasions such as spending a Saturday afternoon shopping or sightseeing, round skirts or midi skirts are the best choice. The round skirts can be combined with a white shirt, a long overcoat, tights and low boots, suggested by Militarynous. You can discard the shirt by opting for a short knit sweater creating a cool and modern look. For relaxed days, the midi skirt is great for being so handy and comfortable. It gets especially well with a basic t-shirt and combined with a windbreaker and loafers. The midi skirts are quite versatile and so are easy to adapt to every occasion. When going out with friends at night, the most appropriate nappa skirts are miniskirts and round skirts. The former can be coupled with a more sophisticated top or a simple and discreet shirt, a boyfriend blazer and black high heels. If you opt for the skirt round for the occasion, a fair crop top and a fur coat accompanied by simple high shoes are a great bet. How to go out at night is a semi-formal occasion, any of these alternatives is feasible.

For semi-formal occasions, you can wear any type of skirt. All are appropriate and will always depend on how they are conjugated. If it’s something more sophisticated like a family or work dinner, opt for the pencil or midi skirt. The greater length of these translates into greater formality. Always combine with discreet, neutral and modern heels. However, if it is a more relaxed dinner of friends, bet on the skirts round. These are ideal because they are easily conjugated with tennis, creating a comfortable, cool and younger look.

For formal events the most correct nappa skirts to match the occasion are miniskirts and pencil skirts. To combine refinement and sophistication qb, conjugate the mini with a black shirt with some details and a discreet overcoat and some booties. Always highlight the skirt by combining it with basic elements. Regarding pencil skirts, the best way to match the occasion is with a short top. The most modern option would be a short top and a little broad to contrast with the skirt that should be fair. Finish with a short coat and pump shoes. Discover several models in our gallery: